Euro Acro Tour - lodging help

Hey all -

I'm an Ozone Team pilot from the US and will be in Europe all summer to compete in the circuit. I would like to save A LOT of money (the dollar just sucks) and was hoping to find a friendly couch or floor to sleep on during off-competition weeks. A friend and I will be in Chamonix in the week or so btwn. Acrolac and Villeneuve (June 16-22), then Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland for another week (June 30 - July 9) and a few days of sightseeing in Austria (July 10 -13) before Acrobatixx. I'll be back in France in late July for the TdF until early August.

While I know camping's an option, it's definitely not that cheap.

So, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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You can send me a private message by clicking on my name here and then to "Contact". There you will find a form to fill out.

So let's keep in touch and see you soon probabyl!

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Hey Pal -

We met briefly at Vertigo last year at the pilot meeting - we have a mutual friend, Brad G, I think.

That's awesome that you live in Interlaken - SO close to Lauterbrunnen. I've been in touch with Judith and will hopefully meet up with her too and do some training at their great site. Pal Rognoy told me about Muerren last year so I'm going their specifically to practice, practice, practice!

I have 19 skydiving jumps now and my friends who know I'll be there are saying, "You know you're gonna wanna jump so you might as well get ready!"

Thanks for the offer of your couch - maybe it'll all work out. : ) Let's keep in touch off-forum - I don't have an email for you so maybe I'll send you a PM through YouTube? Nice AFF vids, by the way!


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Hi Nova!

Nice that finally we can meet some more acro dudes from the US :-)
I live now in Interlaken - just a few minutes ride from Lauterbrunnen so let's keep in touch and if I'll be at home - which is quite possible - then I can probably let you a couch to sleep. If not me, than I can help to find someone else to host you. What do you plan to do there? Some Base jumps? :-)
See you,

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Hi Lupus -

Glad you liked the videos and thanks for the compliment. I learned all of my basic acro from Enleau O'Connor and towed quite a bit with him over the last 2 years. He doesn't give me instruction any more since nowadays I go there to work on my routines, so now I just collaborate with him on certain tricks. Sometimes, when he brings out his motor, we'll try some synchro which is a lot of fun.

I'm flying into Frankfurt to meet with a friend of a friend who's going to hook me up with one of those Opel Corsa Transporters that can be slept in, but I doubt 2 people can fit in there.

Maybe we'll you see you at the Comps,

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Good luck for the Euro Acro Tour. Hopefully we will meet up at some of the comps!

your best option is to have a car where you can sleep! Campings are not that expensive here in Europe, and you will definitely meet up with pilots who will be happy to help you with some lodging!

I've seen you videos, and they are impressive! Who do you learn from?