Gradient Aspen II vs Niviuk F-Gravity

Hello, I am thinking of buying a paraglider from acrovacia. I have experience and I am doing acro hesitating between these two wings, Gradient Aspen II Niviuk F-Gravity
You can give me information on these wings? What better?

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I saw Raul testing an F-Gravity proto already in summer 2006...It looked like it is working well, however it is still not released, don't know why. The freestyle should be nice, but I think not for very radical stuff.


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why have they stopped the N gravity?
its funny that that Fgravity was worked on by Raul,and the freestyle by Antoine....
My Freestyle 20 is amazing,dynamic,yet i can still thermal up in english spring thermals,
Hey Alex~is there any different technique to heli the aspen??

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I have been flying with the gradient freestyle for almost a year and it's a wonderfull glider !!!!
you can make any tricks very easy especially helicos VERY EASY and mysti.
I 've tried the f gravity but I really don't like it. It doesn't work as well as most people said.
Niviuk as been working on it for more than a year and it isn't good yet ans all the sizes are not finished !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
this is juste my opinion but be careful with the f gravity....I am really really disapointed...


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If F- gravity is tested and worked by the better acro pilot Raul Rodriguez, without doubt go for it!

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Never tried any of these two, but saw it many times. If these wings are the only options for you, I'd definitely take the F-Gravity, no question...