Infinity attempts - Ozone FLX

Last weekend I had the chance make some real acro w/the new Ozone FLX. One of my goals was to start practicing the Infinity and I was able to make some good turns. I'm hoping to be the first American to do the "Infinitron" and actually capture it on video.

I need to get the timing of my corrections down. As you'll see, I was late so I came out of it. It's possible I could've done more if I had it down. In trading emails w/Felix, he says (translated from Spanish), "The Infinity isn't 3 or 5 turns. It's piloting it and controlling it so you can make 7, 10, or 50 turns. This is the Infinity."

So, I hope to do more soon. But, I'll just call it an "FAI Infinity" for now . . . . kinda like riding a "metric" century in cycling. : )

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If your World Ranking is to lw, there is no way to get around it than getting a better ranking. The way to do that is to join smaller FAI cat2 events the first season to build up your ranking.
F.eks the Norwegian Cups will all be cat2 events. So will also the Norwegian Championshis as well as the Swedish championships.

Norwegian Champ. :
Swedish Champ. :

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There are already many pilots who are able to do "Infinity" on competitions, but they cannot do real Infinity. This maneuver got its name because it is "neverending". People did already Tumblings with 180 degrees before...On a competition you don't have to (and normally you don't even have enough height) to do a lot of turns, but max 6-8 revolutions, which I would still call a Tumbling since a good pilot with a good glider can make it without the knowledge how to do as much as he wants. I would say if somebody is able to make 25-30 turns, he is doing real Infinity and for this pilot only the altitude will be the limit.
I also heared about some pilots, who can barely take-off or do a helicopter, but they are practicing Infinity..I think this is really not the right way and one day this might lead to fatality...but hopefully I'm wrong.

Take care!

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Hi Nova,
One more turn and you`d already be the American record holder for tumbles :)


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Thanks for the comments, guys.

I'll be coming out the first week of June to Frankfurt, then head to Acrolac. Unfortunately, I won't be able to compete in the solo of Vertigo because I was told they're only allowing the top 20 APWC pilots and I don't have a 2007 ranking. So, the only chance I have is for there to be less than 20 APWC pilots competing solo, or to do synchro but I don't have a partner! : (

Pal R, with your FAI influence . . . . can you help with opening the solo comp? : )


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Looks like you can have a good score from the judges later this season. Very nice.
Better exit is needed of coarse so get the high score.
I hope I can start training soon as well, but we still hav 50cm ice on the lake. And I want water under me while training this.


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Nice turns ! :) I'm jelasue that you have the opportunity of training! When will you come to europe?