D-Bag High-Quality Video Footage

Hi brothers! I'm writing here since I can't find anywhere your e-mail addresses (Pakko and Gábor), so please contact me at my regular e-mail address, or via Skype. The subjec is this, D-Bag High-Quality Video Footage, and I could start saying thank you for my only and special exerience at la Coupe 2007!

On that time, Antoine (Boisselier) was wearing a Helmet Camera, and I've already attempted to contact him via e-mail, but until now I had no answer. Anyway, I would like to contact you guys in order to make something about. From the images to cut this short teaser clip for investor, to anywhere we can go!

I've found some people here who are helping me to try to catch investors for Heli-Jump Acro Shows in events here in Brasil. Since I have absolutely no video image of D-Bag lauches, I wonder if you could have, find or help me to find this DV images for editing a short clip to show what is it about.

So I thank you in advance, and I hope you can find me some help. Miss you guys, BEST REGARDS!