hello mellows.
18yr student+studying+no money=no car
thts exactely my problem. if there s anybody who s going to villenueve and passes munich next weekend it would be nice if there is the possibility of a carpool.
saludos, marvin

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hey Pál.
good news: I got a car so I can come.
but I have to be in school till friday (exams) so ill arrive in the afternoon on friday.
where do you guys stay? are you around in the afternoon? ...bcause im alone :D a poor little boy alone @ vertigo, tht must go wrong^^
hope to see y' guys there.

ps. do you think there is any chance to fly as a junior forrunner in the early morning? or something like tht? or as a dammy? :D

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Hi Marvin!
I can't help you but I can understand your problem :-) And wish you good luck to find someone!
Hope to see you there!