Annecy Acro dudes in Hospital!

Im in Annecy to practice Acro.I am quite a beginner Acro pilot on my a2freestyle and was hoping to seek advice as well as fly with the two dudes on macpara bitch wings in the area.Only to find out that Jeremy,you might know his videos as Macparabitch has broken his back and is still making a recovery,also his friend Anton whos also about 19 years old has hurt himself badly after hitting the bottom end of the Lake when a heli went wrong.Both these boys are awesome pilots,I really dont know them that well,but wish them speedy recoveries and hope they continue on their amazing level of flying.

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following the start of my Forum Posting,,,,
at Forclaz~there is a dude on a green F~gravity doing fantastic misty flips amoungst other stuff,he flies a sup harness.Anybody know him?
anybody know Jeremy and Anton at all?
anyone around Annecy for the whole season?