How I can do this trick?

hello evrey one I need some help here Iam new pilot but I want to start acro training.
anyway I want to ask about how I can do the pitch pendulum manouvre with my wing plasma deuek.

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Awesome site!
Keep up the great work

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lolo68 thnx for your comments my weight 54kg my wing plasma pv size 22.
Iam an paramotor pilot I want to do acro with my motor, I do the wing over.
simon2 thanx for your info brake release....
I just ask for help.
I now that maneuver control by brake but I need more info about trim speed , time, some one do this maneuver on reflex glider and lateral stability after release the brake?
6 years I have an paramotor license!
anyway SIMON2 Iam aeronautic engineer.
look for this:
the Ramon he do this maneuver with motor.

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Hi Parasky,

be careful as the plasma seems to be a reflex glider : it could be difficult to get a real big pendulum, and if you get one it could be even harder to stop ...
Surely better to start with a dhv 1 or 1-2 glider ; perhaps a size too small for you to be a little more dynamic.

Have fun !

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braaaaaaaaaaaaaakeeeeee....reeeleeaaaaase ;)

how long do you have your license? maybe you should ask your flying instructor. it should be part of your flyingschool!