sat to heli with emilie

hallo, vielleicht kann mir jemand helfen und mir die frage beantworten warum beim sat to heli mit emilie 1 in größe 19 immer hängen bleibt und nicht richtig weiterdreht nach dem abriss. mit andern schirmen hatte ich noch nie probleme. kennt jemand das problem und wie kann ich es lösen so daß das ding flüssig weiterdreht oder bin ich einfach nur zu doof dafür.
danke, gruß tobias

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With freebrakes you can control WHERE the glider will brake. If you keep your arms close to your body, it will brake more on the wingtips. Stretch your arms out, and you will brake on the middle of the glider and not so much on the wingtips.

For helico. Many gliders like to go into parashutal arms close in, then rotate in helico arms out. Other gliders uposite. Also. Without freebrakes, when you pull deep brakes, even the D-riser will go down.
Personally I do not fly with freebrakes, but looooong pullies. Gives almost the same effect.

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Yo Alex!
Exactly, even if it's a bit harder in the beginning it's my advice to fly with freebrakes in general.
But there are certain wings out there that need the braking impulse more in the middle of each half of the wing, the Emilie is one of them, especially if you do To Helico connections. But you are right we could fly all stuff also with pullies to get less feeling ; )

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Hi Marvin,

Just curious... why the advice to fly the Emilie with the free brakes? I currently fly my wing with freebrakes because I like the increased information/communication with the wing in fullstall/parachutage... also feels more comfortable.

But I never really noticed anything dramatically different about the freebrakes (except more information and different ground handling technique). So why on the Emilie it is necessary to have freebrakes or longer pulley lines?

Thanks in advance!
Un saludo desde Peru!

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Hey Marvin, thank you very much for your advices !!!
thank you also holzinger for the translation ^^
Today I finally succed my sat to heli (alsmost) perfect :-)
this wing is wonderful and really nice to fly but really really hard in this connexion sat/heli
but when it works, it works well !

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Hey guys!
Yea the SAT to Helico is probably the most tricky connection with the emilie, especially if you have the first trim (emilie 2011).
Please also don't forget to fly your emilies with free brakes or at least longer pullies.. The new wings will come with longer pullies as a preset, the current ones you should adjust.
Pull smooth and take your time for the transition, as soon as you feel the wing spins keep your hand at this position, put it outside and wait until you spin fast into the Helico, thats it..

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also natürlich immer + 0,7 cm usw. Du musst die Leinen mit Schäkeln verlängern, auftrennen/verlängern oder mit längeren Leinen ersetzen..


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Hi lexou777!

My english is not perfect but I will try to translate the text for you. :-)

Hello, maybe some of you can help me with a question relating to SAT to Heli with a Emilie 1 size 19m² which always stops in the transition when getting into deep stall phase after the SAT.
With other wings I had no probleme manage this trick.
Do someone facing the same problem or know how I can solve this to get a smooth transition from SAT to Heli without stopping the movement?
mayby I'm to clumsy/stupid for this trick :-)

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Hello everybody.
Can somebody translate the topic please? I also have the emilie and have lots of difficulties to put my glider in sat to heli. before I didn't have any problems with the thriller but the emilie is more tricky..

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mir hilfts sehr, wenn ich das äußere ohr "aufpumpe" dann dreht sie perfekt. und nur sehr dezenter zug auf der innenbremse!

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ok, danke
ich werds mal dann damit versuchen.

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Hallo Tobias!
Du müsstest dir ein neuen Trim drauf haun..
Siehe hier:
Die C1,2 0,7cm C3 0,3 und die D1,2 1,5cm D3 1,2cm
probiers mal so und dann schaust weiter..