Heli to the other side

Hey guys, i´ve been doing heli for 2 years to the right. Now i think it is time to start to the other side for later, do some twisters. I went to train to iquique and i was commited in doing it to the left, but i whas so coward and gay in the first attempts that din´t try anymore.

Any tips on flipping your right helico knowledge to the other side :P jhaha, if such exists???

I really do good helis to the right, but when trying them to the other side whas like a very very weird sensation.

btw, i fly a thriller 20.


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Hey Paal Thanks for the reply. Yes, the first sat to the other side whas one of the weirdest things i ever felt. Totally dizzy and confused, :P

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No tips. Just practice. Your brain must get used to this. I guess it was strange to do left side SAT as well in the beginning?