problem sat and asym. sat with u-turn FF3 26m

I had a problem with the sat. While i'm performing a Sat or an asymmetric sat the tip will always close. Why? is it an FF3 problem?

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problem solved: made a double wrap and it entered perfectly asym Sat. I also discovered that it can do SAT to heli.

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you guys can get big thrillers as the next glider in progression once you have 'outgrown' your FF2&3's...

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i sent an email to u-turn, but nobody answered yet after almost 1 month. You can also perform a rythmic sat with the FF3?

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Hi, I have a similar problem with the FF2 24, Normal SAT is just about OK with a lot of weight shift and a big push on the outer risers but it always flaps on rythmic and Asymetric attempts