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Hello together.

does anyone have any news about the comps in 2o1o besides all the cancelled worldcups/championship?.
pretty hidden on a page from an austrian club or something I found this: zell am see //

best regards.

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Unless something's changed from Claudio's email on 3/16, there will be no World Championship at Omegna in August. The only APWC events will both be in Austria - PA & Xandi's comp.


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The Competition and event calendar has been updated on justACRO!
Now the Calendar holds all the events which are confirmed until now.
Also the broken calendar funcitonality is fixed, so now the Upcoming events block on the front page holds valid information!

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Maybe Adrenalina2010 in Malcesine, but on their homepage are no news.

got news from the organizer, Adrenalina 2010 will be no FAI event

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yes tht was what i knew. but also tht it's not looking good with Xandis comp (sponsors). so I hope tht 2o1o has more then just 1 single APWC on hand.