Where to stay in Madeira

I am going to Madeira. Where is the best place to stay? and who do I contact to stay there?

thaks a lot :)


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I have interest in APCO Twister 18. Send my more informations about the glider and pictures with



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Your e-mail in market is not active .I want to by sth at market from you plaece contact my.


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The south-west side is perfect, plenty take-offs in a few minutes by car, Arco da Calheta is the Acro village, best place to fly and practice Acro nearly every day, toplanding, testing, SIV,...
contact Hartmut from www.madeira-paragliding.com for pilots accomodation close to take-off, the meeting point for all international pilots

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Hi Fester, Im also off to madeira at the end of the month,We are staying on the south-east side of the island.Ive naver been before so i cant give you any info.