Kamshet, India

Hi all,

I'm considering a trip to Kamshet, India in the end of march to play around a bit before the acro season starts here in Norway. It looks like a very nice flying destination but I haven't found anyone with acro experience from this site. Has anyone else heard about this site?

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We'll drive to Annecy instead. Think it'll be nice :)

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I just got an e-mail saying that the cable car to Monte Baldo will not go to the top, only to the middle station (San Michele) for the next two weeks due to the conditions on the top (too much snow).

Does anyone know a good acro site nearby? Is Omegna good this time of year? I've been to Bassano, but it's really not that good for acro.

Any advice is highly appreciated as the pre-season training trip is not looking good at the time :)

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if you'd go from 7th-13th, there would be a recue boat already. in this period there is a SIV,.... just for information ;)

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We decided to go to Malcesine (Lake Garda) from 17th to 26th of april to have some fun over the lake. We're five pilots so far. Please drop me a line if you'll be there in the same period. Then we can all chip in on rescue boat rental :)


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You are right about medical services in India. A friend of mine (from India) told me to be very careful if I went there just because of this. From Google Earth and the reports I've got from Kamshet - it seems like a very good place to get a lot of air time :)

So we're basically down to three choices for our one-weeek pre-season acro training tour in april/may:
- Gerlitzen
- Lake Garda
- Algodonales

Mike: I guess you're coming to Norway for the extreme sports week (http://www.ekstremsportveko.com/). I've ordered excellent weather this year so it will be flyable every day. Rumors also has it that a round of the Norwegian Acro Cup will be held the last weekend.

If you're landing in Oslo, please give me a call. I'll probably drive my car to Voss and I probably have some seats available :)

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Icant wait to go to Norway in June and fly with you guys!
my first time :-))
i would love to go to India,all my friends have been,
but my pre-season acro training involves Algodonales(south spain)
for March and April, followed by Organya the whole of May.
I would like to join up with people in India,but
for medical services,cost of flights etc.
i think the high spring thermals and max. altitude of acro training
is a winner in Spain ?
i think??
any other advice from you dudes?

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In end of mach maby Gerlitzen are good for acro training over water or is it to could and early!!???

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Everywhere in the Alps, if you don't need water....

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Yup. Strong spring thermals are good :) Thanks for your answers. A bit off topic: Does anyone know of good acro places in Europe in the end of march?


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I don't know how it's in kamshet, but I think that it's not that good, otherwise all of the pilots would stay ;)
In Bir/Billing there should be quite strong spring thermal. So maybe good conditions for you!?

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Ok, thanks for the reply. Is this due to bad conditions in Kamshet? When travelling thousands of miles it has to be (acro)flyable at least a couple of hours a day :)

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In march, all the pilots are in Bir/Billing. I don't think that there are much people flying in Kamshet.