Flying sites in Chile

I'm arriving Santiago beginning of April for month or two, anybody live there, fly there, who can recommend some good spots. Heard Iquique is real nice, but whats the season?
Thanks in advance

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eh bro thanks for that. btw that your glider int he pic, feed the rat? NZ stylee

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Yep. I've been there before. Was in South America for 11 months. I spent a few weeks in Iquique pretty much flyable everyday and a couple of places to fly. Take off at 10am and fly all day. Condition can be strong in the middle of a day mix of soring and thermaling. Fly over the town and land on the beach for lunch break /cold drinks and then usually go to another place it comes on in afternoons about 50km out of town. Share a taxi with other pilots and usually a driver is happy to wait for you at the site. Cheap as. Iquique is a perfect place for acro trainning with consistant weather condition and good landings if you pull a reserve.

If you get to Iquique, try to go to Bolivia and Peru. Good flying up there too and it's not that far.
Also, Antofagasta(between Iquique and Santiago) is a good spot. I only passed threw and didn't get to fly there but looks good.

In Santiago, head towards Casa Blanca about an hour out of the city. Expediciones has a flying site with transport services. Good flying there.

Let me know if you want more info. I can give you some pilots contacts in Santiago if you like.

I know there is a few places you can try flying in Patagonia. It is full on but it'll be awsome if you can.

have fun