place to play in europe for the next two weeks?

hiya... looking for a spot (preferably within 5 or 6 hours drive of munich, germany) with a chairlift, good height and preferably water to work over. would love to go to krippenstein or gerlitzen but their lifts aren't running for another 2 weeks. mud season. any other ideas? thanks in advance, bella

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thanks for all the great tips guys... because the weather isn't looking that great we're just going to go to our local tegelberg site this weekend and make the most of it... we'll head to either malcesine/bassano or muerren on tuesday. both sound great!

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Ciao bella!

Don't worry and come to Mürren! They still have a Transport cable car which is running while the other cable car is closed! They have to do it like this because it's a public transport for the people who live in Mürren. Tomorrow will be good for flying (I while be practising my tricks too) but on saturday and sunday the Föhn might be breaking in...
Just ask me if you have any questions (I also know some cheep places to sleep). ->


audacium's picture the moment I can personally only think of Muerren. If you head out on Thursday evening or Friday you could fly hard until Sunday, weather forecast looks ok at the moment for the region. And later you might still get enough flights during the Revision. Lauterbrunnen valley is a great place to be if you have not yet been there, apart from paragliding in Muerren you can do plenty of other nice things (hiking, biking etc.)

If you fly hard you can do easily seven flights until noon in Muerren! ... And in the afternoon if you feel like it you can go to Interlaken (e.g. Amisbuehl) to fly XC (you can find rides up to the takeoff with the buses of the commercial tandem flight operators or take the bus).

Lauterbrunnen is about a four - five hour ride from Munich.

Zwoelferhorn in Austria (Wolfgangsee) seems to be open all year round (because it is an important tourist destination) but I do not know how it is for acro training.

Regarding other sites I have a hard time finding more ... I have flown in Annecy, it was very nice for acro training, but I do not know how easy it is to get up to the takeoff (Col de la Forclaz) on your own at this time of the year (no cable car). Saleve in Geneva might be another possibility for good acro training, but again no idea how it is at the moment.

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ack... just found out the elfer lift @ stubai is also closed. for F*CKS sake!

any fresh ideas?

eduard.. i used to hike and bike in the tegernsee area a lot before i discovered flying... gorgeous place. i'll definitely be out there this summer.

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Excellent, have fun in Stubaital. I agree that in our regions water is still too cold at this time of the year. At Krippenstein for example it would be really cold to land in the water now :).

If you have not tried yet and are still around in May you might come out once to Wallberg / Tegernsee, it is beautiful, you can do seven or eight flights a day, you have pretty good height, and it is close to Munich (45 minutes drive).

Cya, Eduard.

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thanks for all the great info... i guess we'll head out to stubai on friday. still plenty of snow for boarding if the conditions aren't right for flying... and i'm used to training over water but it's a bit chilly around here this time of year, yeah? sounds like we'll have plenty of great options after may 1 when the lifts and heat gear back up.

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to izabella

Just got back from stubai.. It's cool place. Mostly flying from Elfer on the other side. Good thermals even for my Nikita. take off from 1790m landing 890m.About 750m for training without thermaling. In good weather is possible to make around 10 flights. Also very good for xc. Schlick is little bit higher but more often is windy up there. No training about water though what so ever...

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That's too bad with Stechelberg, I would have thought it continues the whole year without break because people need to go up and down to / from Muerren.

But check out this info from
( and scroll down).

Revisionen 2009

Luftseilbahn Stechelberg - Mürren - Schilthorn
Frühling: 27.04. - 1.05.2009
Herbst: 9.11. - 4.12.2009

Standseilbahn Mürren - Allmendhubel
Frühling: 20.4. - 5.6.2009
Herbst: 19.10. - 4.12.2009

Während der Revision verkehrt die Luftseilbahn auf der Strecke Stechelberg - Mürren gem. speziellem Revisionsfahrplan.
Die Strecke Mürren - Schilthorn sowie das Drehrestaurant Piz Gloria bleibt geschlossen.

So you still have at least six days :), and it sounds like it maybe is even worth going there during the Revision? I would give them a call tomorrow and see whether they are offering still enough rides per day. Muerren is awesome for training.

Before you decide you should in any case contact Pal (or someone else local) and find out more about current conditions. Maybe they still have tons of snow and takeoff would be too hard :).

Kreuzjoch in Stubai (which is imho the best in StubaiTalfor acro training) is in Revision, as far as I know:

Good luck :)!

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We had planned a trip to Malcesine this week, but the cable car is not running and they told us it will take at least two weeks to clear the top.

Instead we drove to Annecy. The weather hasn't been the best so far, but at least we get to fly :)


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thanks for the info eduard!

i read somewhere on this site that the lift to the top of baldo was closed until may 1 because of excess snow... but i'll give em a call to confirm.

stechelberg lift info says they are closed between 26.04 and 05.05. :-(

another option might be stubai in austria... only a few hours drive... lifts there operate through june... anyone been out there for spring flying and know what the place is like?

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Hello Bella,

What about Monte Baldo? According to their website the cable car is running. I would still check by phone whether it is really running and whether you can go to the top. Monte Baldo offers you as much height as Krippenstein and is a really nice place.
( )

However, I would consider that at this time of the year the water in a lake is still quite cold, and a water landing without a boat ready to pick you up is less than ideal.

If water is not mandatory I would check out Stechelberg / Muerren in Switzerland. You can do flights every 30 minutes if you are quick and you have about 700 m training height.

Best, Eduard.