flyingsites to train acro in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina

hello to you all,

I'm a beginner acro pilot leaving for 1 year to south America, looking for more experience, to search and fly the most beautiful acrosites in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina... (i allready have enough information about acroflying in Chile ;-))

Looking forward for any information about acroflying in these country's...

Thx in advance and good flights!!

GRTZ, Maarten

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Don´t forget to visiting Chile. In the middle of santiago we have a spot call "Piramide", is an altitude machine, easily yo can go for 8 or 10 rounds in a day, having 500 or much more above the ground... with a beautiful view of all Santiago.... i recomend it !!

Regards from Chile!

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thanks a lot for the reply Nelson!

So you would advice me to go flying near Lima. How many other flyingsites are there around and are they suteble to fly some acro?

About places to stay / sleep... can you recommend some hostels, backpackerplaces, ...?

Any advice is welcome ;-) !!

Thx a lot, Maarten

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Hi Marteen, here in peru we have a 80 meter coastline mountain, using the buildings facing to the sea you can get about 220 meters height with good wind and practice over the sea. In summer we have a thermic site about 30 km south from lima. You can get up to 600-900 meters on best conditions, but you will practice over land. We are working on towing in the coast soon.

In november there's the ACROLATINO, an acro competition in Ecuador Ibarra. Your work over a huge lake at about 400 meters.

Hope this information is useful to you, anything you need to now about peru, let me know.