Destination for acro training in october-nobember-december

I am planning my trip for acro training during october, november and december. I travel with a camping car and live in southern Spain.
I have been thinking about Morroco, and Turkey, I have never been on turkey and don´t know the conditions on this time of the year, and also don´t know how it works to get to the startplace, would it be possible with a camping car?I have to pay to fly there? South america probably is the best but I didn´t find any flight with a good price, minimum I found was 1000€...
Any suggestion will be welcome!

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well we might go 20 jan-20 feb ... still depends on za money, but the odds are good:) keep in toutch. Howdy!

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Hi all

I'm planning to go in February with Mando Veljanovski, he was there last year three months...
but I'm not sure yet, If I find money I go 100% :)
we can stay in touch til February...

Petar from Serbia

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Is there anybody who plans to travel to Nepal Nepal 2010 january february, who I can join?


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That's sweet....
Maybe I join also! Just posted a question about South America, but Nepal sounds very nice. I'm into some training with a friend of mine and we were thinkin...So January thru March would sound good, lots of chances we meet there. But, one thing... How much can a climb up to takeoff can cost? I'm really concerned about this (i usually train all day if I can...). Have fun in Nepal! [Colin from Romania]

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I'm going to Europe on Oct.14th. Don't know for how long but looking for a good site to practice Acro. Anywhere in Spain? I fly into Frankfurt with no real destination in mind so Europe is my oyster. Where can I get the most altitude/air time?
(Then it's off to Nepal until mid Feb. I've never been but heard it was a good place to hang and learn.)

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You bribe Mahony with your sister!!!? hahaha, thats freakn hilarious dude!!
Very very funny! I wish I had a sister :-P

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I went there for tandem work too, but be warned! !!You must have a European instructor license and a work permit for Turkey so they can insure you or you can get sued by a passenger or not payed by the company!!! The only places with 100% pilot and passenger insurance are SKYSPORTS and reACTION. Even then, other Turkish pilots will hate you, for most of them- it is their only way to make money!
I am selling my morph coz im getting FLX2 from a sponsor :-)
hey hey, try bribe the Forestry with Alcohol,, this is Baris' technique !! that and a few Turkish conversations,hehehe.
*enjoy, fly well :-)

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hmm, yeah, thats sucks than! But i have one big advantage, i'm bringing my sister again with me.. For Mahony that is always a reason to do tandem.. But than with her. And you probably caught him in the summer, and as you know, the summer is the commercial time of the year, spring and autumn is much better! but with the forestry back again, and 12TL, it sucks.

But still, i'm thinking of going there next year in the summer, also as a tandempilot. Because i was already invited a view years ago, but had to decline because i was still going to school.. :-(

And uhh, you broke your back? Is that also the reason than that you are selling your morpheus? I might be interested in the morpheus, but i have to save some money because i just bought a Gin Sprint!

Thanks for the links, i'll definately use them!

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hey DuneKiter>
I was going to do a lot of work for the Air Games but yeah the great Olu. is not so cool. i even had free transport and flew a bit with Mercan, Mahony didn't fly acro when I was there for 3months, he was always doing tandem and Forestry is 12TL every time. Do not chance it with Forestry or the Jandarma will take you out!! :-( I eventually got caught , everyday I would jump out of the vehicles and climb up and around to take offs with my glider in the sun- not cool, i tried everything, its too expensive.
But still a great place for one or two weeks if you can afford more than 1 flight off Babadag per day :-)

Its nothing compared to Europe for Acro, thats for sure!!

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Mike, true about oludeniz, but still going there during the acro games (they are at about 13-20 oktober) But still, freakn expensive for the trip? than you have the wrong contacts i think, becuz with mahoni last year i didnt pay much at all.. And there was no forester, but that was a year ago..

Still, Dune de pyla rocks ;)

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hey andres...

nice to hear you're coming our way... i'm sure you'll love it.

pokhara is a gorgeous place to hang out for non-flyers but of course she might get kinda bored just chilling there for two months while you fly ;-) if she is into trekking or mountaineering or kayaking or mountain biking she'll have plenty to keep her occupied. it's also a very chill place to do absolutely nothing but hang out lakeside. nepal is of course a very poor country so there are lots of volunteer opportunities available - especially if she has a teaching or medical background.

as far as places to stay... you'll have more options than you know what to do with... ranging from as cheap as 80€/mnth to 200€/mnth on the top end. when you arrive in pokhara, go to the frontiers paragliding office and ask for adam or jamie or myself (isabella) and we'll get you sorted.

safe journey!

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I am finally going to pokhara for november and december. I´ve got just one more question,
I am travelling with my girlfriend, and she doesn´t fly (only in tandem...) So how is this place for a no flyer person?
Do you know any cheap and good place for sleeping?
Best regards,

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i booked with jet airways from london heathrow to delhi... flying on the 28th of september... returning at the end of april.... if you play with the dates on expedia you can sometimes find really good deals. the cheapest options are usually to fly through UAE or delhi. then you can continue overland to kathmandu or fly. there are 3 daily flights to pokhara from kathmandu and they cost between 65€ and 90€ or you can take a 5 to 6 hour minivan trip (which leave about every 10 minutes from the microbus station) for 300 rupees... about 3€. there are literally hundreds of guest-house options in pokhara. i stay in a fairly nice apt with hot water, nice view of the lake, very clean room and cable tv for 100€/mnth. you can find cheaper. pilots living on a budget there spend as little as 300 to 400€ per month for their living expenses. keep in mind that there is very limited medical support if you have a bad accident. make sure you have good insurance that covers the costs of you being airlifted to delhi in worst-case-scenario. there are 4 tandem operations running 3 flights a day for cheap rides up the hill, and this year i am going to try to organize an acro transport option for people that want to start earlier and do runs all day.

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Anyone who have been in pokhara, can comment how to get there, to sleep...

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I have considered also Pokhara, but I thought the flight was much more expensive. With wich airline have you booked your flight ? How do you get there, is any airport at Pokhara, you fly directly...? Is it easy to find a place to sleep there?

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might want to consider pokhara, nepal. i just booked my ticket back 1st of october round trip from heathrow for 580€, there are even cheaper alternatives if you fly into delhi, india and then travel overland from there. ridiculously cheap to live once you're there... easy and extensive transport options up the hill... lake with fisherman on it who are always happy to come fish you out for western money... great acro community who is happy to watch your run and tell you exactly how you fawked it up ;-)... generally a great place to spend time, learning in front of the massive himalayan annapurna backdrop.

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thats where im at now. they have moved the landing for SIV/acro to the campsite beach, this means a longer glide taking off another 100m or so from the acro box height. what about Gerlitzen-cable cars? but the weather for the time of year you want to do this might be bad? maybe Organya followed by Algodonales as the Autumn turns to winter?

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Is annecy ok for flying in this time of the year? you can get by your own to the startplace?

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Unless somewhere else in Turkey, the great Oludeniz isnt that good.You cant get yourself to the take off, its a strickly commercial tandem thing going on there- Its a long drive to Babadag and its freakn expensive to pay transport + the extra Foresrty charge that the greedy government abuses. Also when you spend more than 1week there, u realize that the rocky launch breaks lines and snags your canopy. I lived there this summer-i hated it.
Stick to EU if i were u.