madeira 26th nov to 3rd dec.

Hi, Me and a friend are of to madeira next week for a weeks flying.(HOPEFULLY)
Could anyone tell us the best place to head to train acro?
Are any of you guys out there on the same dates?
Any info on flying and accomadation would be appreciated.


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Cheers Terry,I will give him a shout.


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No Problem Martin!.. email on its way

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Hi Terry!

Could you do the same for me? Im there with some friends from 3 till 17 dec



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Hi Brad,

Give Hartmut an email. A couple of my friends from the norfolk club were there 2 weeks ago and Hartmut does nice well priced accom (self catering), with internet access and use of his take off. Plus i think he can help you with the best places to fly acro. I am working right now but i will drop you an email mate with his contact details shortly.

Regards, Terry.