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I´m planning to go to Gerlitzen this summer for 2 weeks or so.. Can anybody recommend a good and not to expensive place to stay? Maybe the camping?

I’m happy for any suggestion.



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Excellent information. Thanks a lot guys. I will try to contact the Lindenhof and check if I have to book a place or not.

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When you arrive at Lindenhof camping contact the lady or whoever is working at the small restaurant right next door to a camping site for an application. In the same restaurant they serve a decent breakfast for 5€ (pack the leftovers it's enough to eat twice) which is no more expensive then what you'd pay for in a local supermarket which is in Villach (15 minutes away buy car). There is another camping site just little closer to landing place but it's more expensive (however you can still use few of their benefits like cleaner showers, internet etc. nobody seem to care). The local beer Villacher costs 2€ per 0,5l if you buy it in a small grocery store at the bigger camping place, otherwise expect to pay twice as much anywhere else. Kanzelbahn ski lift station charged around 110€ for a season paragliding ticket in August 2009. and they give you 5€ back if you return the pass at the end. I don't know if they changed the prices for this year. It's a small place, I hope you'll have a good weather conditions when you get there, get informed about it, there's not much to do if you're not flying. If you brake an ankle you'll buy your own crutches on your way home so don't skip the health insurance part. If you're an acro rookie like me it's a place to spend a vacation ; )
Have fun. Albin

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The Lindenhof sounds interesting. However, I can't find any homepage. Do you have any kind contact information?


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the acro camp is also quiet close and very cheap >>called 'Lindenhof'