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Hey, I think of staying one week in gerlitzen this summer. Is there many boats in the see so there is a small chance of getting some rescue or should I try to avoid trowing the reserve? :-) Any experience?

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From 30.07.2013 if you lend in the lake you must pay 450 euro.. Korean pilot Yungak lend into water after low heli. Some foreign tourist help him with pedal boat. After that police arrest him and hi paid 320 euro to be released from police station. He has valid FAI licence, but anyway police molest him.

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Why the hell are you giving advice, although you obviously don't have any idea.
Fact is: there is a water rescue boat stationed at Annenheim (for those who don't know: the maximum distance they need to drive to get you out of water is aproximatelly 400 m) They WILL get you out, for sure!
They normally are there from july till september!
A rescue vest is strongly advised, though, as monkbaaz already told.


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ya the rescue jacket's a lifesaver. and you can always get entangled in the lines even if you are a good swimmer.

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Usually there are a lot of boats, but nobody will help you, in except of other pilot friends with boats.
You should wear a rescue jacket, for bad situations, when nobody is coming after you for a while :(.
Take care, Zoli