Acro flying over the winter

4 friends and my self have time of over the beginning of December. we would like to go somewhere for arco training we are all locaded in north Italy and would like to drive some were not more than 5 hours. dose anybody have a idea were to go?

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thanks for the help. if we decide to take a longer vacation we would consider taking a plane somewhere warmer. any ideas were we could go?
thanks allot

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the Planpraz gondola in Chamonix is open from now until the end of the ski season, no water (but it is too cold now anyway) gives you 70-800m to play with and possibility of up to 8 runs in the day

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in malcesine the only place to fly is over water, forest or houses... at avg.6 deg water temperature none of that is a good option to come down on a rescue. go somewhere with a nice large free area to fly over, in switzerland most ski-resorts will do (davos, laax, engelberg (, ... ), or try mürren or braunwald for cheaper options.

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The cablecar will be open again at 18 December

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the cable cart is closed since the 1st november.