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hey there,
can anyone give me some more detailed information about flying in norway in general and especially voss. what about the conditions in may / june?? where are good flying sites in the south?? i want to go there with a friend by car and i´m interested in good flying sites from the south to bergen...
i maybe want to stay in voss for one or two weeks...what about the costs...cable there a camping? how many flights a day are possible...good infrastructure?....transfer to bergen airport??

thanks for replies....

greets domi

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thanx for the replies...
@ Pal: of course i already read the informations about voss on justacro ;-) but thanks anyway

yes, that all sounds pretty nice, the only thing i´m worrying about are the high costs...especially the cablecar prices...40 euro a day....that sucks!!!
dont they offer cards for one week for example?? i searched the net but just found prices for one ride... i ve to think about that, but i tend to go... :D

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Hi Domi. The cable car usually starts to go the first week in june for the summer season. the exact date I dont know yet. thats our main startplace in the summer and the cablecar runs from 11-17. maybe 6-8 flights in a day.10 min walk from landing to cable car. bergen airport is easily accessible by train and bus all day. there is a camping on the landing(200 metres to walk)
we also have other nice startplaces around voss but hanguren is the one for acro over water.we also have a rescue boat ready when the cable car runs. you have approx 600 altitude difference in metres from take off to landing. Norway is pretty expensive in general. bus and train from bergen airport 30 Euro. cable car, maybe 40 euro a day, depends how many rides you can get discounts the more you buy.

Greetings from Voss