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just get in touch if you need any help... cheers, b

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I will be going to Pokhara 16th desember for a month of acro training :-) Would be great to get in touch with some other acro-pilots staying there.


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having an unusual stormy day off here in pokhara. acro competition was cancelled - SO SAD. we were all on take-off on the first morning... pontoon was in the water ready for landings... all geared up for the safety selection... then the police show up. about 15 of them on take-off asking for each of us to display our civil aviation permit. they want $50 for 2 weeks or $84 for the month. offering no services in exchange for the fee. just demanding the new fee in addition to the usual 12 euro nepal aviation association fee (which everyone is happy to pay because the money goes towards the road and take-off maintenance). anyone who didn't have the paperwork on them was ordered not to fly. comp killer. such a shame because pokhara has enough acro talent here to make for a great comp... david will try to put another one on next year and we'll make sure we have all our bureaucratic paperwork filled out on time :-/

p.s. hiya dman - yes... will be back next season from oct through to april as usual... look forward to seeing you again then! we can do synchro sessions on our matching gliders :) xoxo

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Kia Ora!

I'm not going there this Feb but was there flying in Nov. It was the best!! Heard about the comp in Feb hope you are there and having some good time.

We had a van organised for acro pilots and were doing about 4 to 7 flights a day. Pokhara is one of the best flying spots I've ever been to and will go back next season for sure, and this time will stay for a long time. The best thing is the price... It's cheap so I can spend a lot more time and really focus on training acro.

Hey, Izabella how's flying going? Was good to fly with you. Hope to bump into each other again! I'm getting a new glider just like yours very soon!! Are you going back to Pokhara next season? If you are will see you then!

Oh, and if anyone is planning to go there and wondering where to stay... try the Three Sisters! I didn't stay there but it looked very nice and has 24 hours hot water. That's where I'm staying next for sure. And remember to let those kids fold your wings - they are lovely kids.


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ciao izabella & lope,
thanks for the information. leaving for pokhara tomorrow, hope to see you there.

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Is there anybody who plans to travel to Nepal in february??? I go there and stay for three month...
I've heard about competition at the and of february...
Have you heard anything about it??
Petar :-)

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flying in nepal is best in the spring... feb, march, april. it's consistently flyable from october until may though. mountains are clearest in october/november. plenty of cheap places to stay. best is to just get there and then wander around to look for something you like and bargain for price. as far as permits, it's recommended you get one from the nepal aviation association locally in pokhara. it's cheap, like everything else. there are 5 tandem operators that you can catch rides up the hill with, or the acro van, or taxi sharing.

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Going to pokhara in march for a few weeks of training. Has anyone been recently and knows about the flying permits you apparently need, or has a recommendation for a good place to stay?

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I am trying to get there this year, going to Turkey for three weeks in sept then hopefully get some cash to get to Nepal, looks awesome.


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Hi 4 All,

I've been to Pokhara but did not flown at that time. This year I'm almost sure will go to Nepal; wandering which time is the best.

If you have any experience, please let me know!