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Hi Cool!

Here you can find some information about the acro site:
Italian website, but there are also some information in english:

TAKE OF PLACE: 45°N 46. 70 - 010°E 51.80
It is 200 m left from the cable-var station. Its position is West - East
LANDING PLACE: 45°N 46.930 - 010°E 49.070
It is 2 km North from Malcesine on the lake. Be careful in summer is often very wind.
Pilots must wear a life vest. Live vests are available (gratis) at Hotel Ideal (to Claudio) – Gardesana St. – Malcesine. Licence and insurance are necessary.
Wind direction, Power and Temperation.Phone Number 339 5644323"

Chekh this also:

Any further details about this place?

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Next week I go to Italy for a film festival, but I wanna escape to Lago di Garda. I flew in a place named Monte Bondone, but now I need water beneath my harness.

If anybody know where are the acro places around the Garda, please share it!


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It really looks like a great place, where can I find more information about the flying sites? Are there good spots for acro training as well?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi!..all flyer over the world..
Let's go fly in Bali Indonesia..most exotic place, nice people, many beautifull place for paragliding, paramotoring, kite surfing..
For more info :

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However there are already some startplaces in the catalouge, I know there are many more flying sites worldwide, which are great for acro training, but I don't know anything about them and/or I could not find detailed informations on the web.

So please if you know such a places, upload them and complete the catalouge!

For this you can find some help here:
index.php?m=6&c=2#uploadstartplace FAQ: How to upload new startplaces? .

Pál Takáts