Acro in Australia?

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Can anyone recommend a good a good place to do A SIV this year or next? I'm up near Byron Bay, good flying, not a lot of height, other than a bit of D-Bag.

Not a lot of Acro in Aust, I often think I should start a forum for Acro Aust people to get together, since we are a bit like hens teeth around here!

Rainbow beach up the coast is nice but I hear they are having problems with being allowed to fly up there right now with the local rangers.

Near Syd you could contact Stanwell park I think its called. Or look in the HGFA mag for clubs?


"Bring on summer!" Raven

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Acro is almost non-existent in Australia..hihi They are a bit behind the rest of the world when it comes to our desire....

I am currently studding in Perth, WA. At the moment there are a handful group of people that are interested. We are trying get a boat towing project going. Things are getting close;) Maybe it is more going on over east....

If I only could have got an introduction to D-bagging.. Ballooning is a good option.. hihi

If you are planning to go to Perth for a visit...give me a ring.

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Rainbow beach is hour by flight...
9-10 hrs by car...bloody ages by bus.
Good for a week trip or similar.

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What about rainbow beach i saw a video of flying there and it looked pretty sweet. How far is that from sydney?

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Hey Alex,

You'll be lucky to find a place on the coast.
Probably Blackheath in the Blue Mountains is the closest inland site where you can get some decent height. Not that good for practising acro though...
We fly there alot in winter. Summer is a bit strong. Early morning and late evening aren't too bad through.

You're not exactly coming to the acro capital of the world that is for sure! But give me a yell when your coming and we can take you out and show you the sites anyway. Coastal and inland etc


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Im moving to sydney in febuary and want to find a place to practice, i dont mind doing over ground but dont want to find myself stuck on a cliff in i throw. does anyone know of any places near sydney?