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Hi Guys,

I am confused now. In Just Acro website, it figures as a place for acro, but on the paragliding earth I found the following statement:
Acro and SIV maneuvers forbidden;
more informations (french local club):

Anyone has got some current information about the situation towards acro?



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It's true, it's forbidden to fly acro above Roquebrune, near Monaco, from the 21st august 2006.

You may see this link (french)

You can see there somes explainations... they have had some problems with prefessionals doing S.I.V. and aco pilots... :(


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I've just heard rumours that it's not allowed to practice acro in index.php?m=14&s=4 Monaco . Is it true? What happened?

Anybody has further information about this?

It would be also interesting to collect the places/countries where you are officially not allowed to do what you love to.