Anyone flown Lugano, Switzerland?

Has anyone flown Lugano, Switzerland? Any information about the weather, SIV/Acro is most welcome.

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Hi! Our school is just running 4th SIV course at Mt. Generoso above Melano 5 minutes south of Lugano. There is about 1200 m TO-LZ superelevation and if you miss every thermal you glide to the lake at at least 750 metres. There is a train going up to Mt. Generoso from Capolago 4 to 8 times a day, what depends on day in week, season, weather and demand of course. There are two take-offs: the main one facing SE and usable every sunny day and another one facing rather W-SW which is further from the train station and a bit narrower and tricky with the wind but has the advantage of direct visual and radio connection with landing zone in camp Paradiso i Melano - that is another trap - you need to make an agreement with Rene who runs the camp, otherwise the official LZ is in Capolago not far from train station, but far from TO - you would need to save the hight to fly there... I hope this helped, search for Monte Generoso on the net
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Hi! generally in ticino you should avoid flying with N-wind (föhn, very dangerous!). Around lugano there are some good flying areas. For acro/SIV i would consider Mt.Generoso (or Cimetta), since these spots are close to the water. Mt Tamaro is very comfortable because you can land just next to the funicular, but it's not really the safest spot for acro (no lake, railway, highway,...). There is also a startplace above lugano, but it's 2 low for acro. If you need more info just write a mail.

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Hi. I just added a new startplace. The mount Tamaro. It's really nice to practice acro, but there is no water and after 12o'clock the valley-wind becomes strong.