WHERE is the best country for all year acro practice?

there are many pilots improving their skills all around the world,but with out spending lots of money on flying trips,what is the best country or place to persue an acro orientated life?

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yes the Harness is very good now Independence come with new ACRO harness, in 16 will be in Stubaitall for test this harness.
Please is possible wen you have the e-mail adress send me. Thank you

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hey Loco Mad Marius
the guy below your post is vey helpfull,he isint in tenerife but email him ,he will tell you!
Ive been emailing him lots recently....
how is your independence harness?is it really good?

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Dear ACRO pilot,
I want go in Tenerife is possible sombody help me with some detail? , place for fly, cheap acomodation?.
In this forum is some pilot from Tenerife?

Thanks a lot for help me,

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Yes Mike, no perfect place I would say, but here in the Canaries at least we fly almost every day.
I don´t do many acro tricks but this place is more than enough for what I do.
I had an accident few months ago but I´m back in the clouds now. I made a short video about some flights I have done here. It ends with me crashing so it has no direct link from my site, but you guys can watch it in order to see what YOU could do around here.
Sorry about the stupid titles, it was only for me and my friends

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I guess after looking further into my own question>its become clear that there will be no ideal all year round place,afterall,i guess the other part of flying is the exploring!travel is great,i still think one day I do wish to live by a lake with a tow boat,maybe thats the answer to getting quick altitude&practice!?!
Happy new year everyone,let 08 be the big one!!!

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You can find site info here http://flyincanarias.com/ingles/mapsing.html
Normally we fly with over 20 k wind and climb a bit, but the take off heights ara as follow 70, 150, 170, 260, 750 and 1500 mts, the best places for maneuvers you get around 300 mts over the sea.

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hi chris!
woundering about what altitude you get over water for manouvertraining in normal days!!? and altitude in takeoff, didnt find it on your webplace. pleas more info:)

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Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands is a good place for training all year round, you find more info and videos here www.flyincanarias.com , I just uploaded few more.
You can contact me through this site and ask me whatever you need.

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Definitely, I agree with u Madeira is pretty good, u can check these pictures.
They were taken last year during a christmas time. It was possible to fly there almost every day.
The best way how to get there is from Germany, here u can get very cheap air ticket, around 150Eur ;-)

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Hey guys!!

Madeira Island is probably a good choice to fly all year. From what I was told from local pilots it's possible to fly around 300 days per year. And don't worry that the other 65 you'll find something cool to do or hang out with ;)

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In wintertime this place is definitely Iquique. I don't believe that there is all year round good place for training in Europe. However, if you find one, don't hesitate to share with us! :-)
South of Spain, Greek, Türkey, Canary Islands, Madeira should be nice for flying now, but I don't know about the specific places.

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OK, lets make it a bit more specific... I was about to ask similar question: There must be a place, where an acro pilot does the hours and hours of training. It cannot be a "fly-drive-fly" or a "Fly-go by cablecar-fly" site. It needs to be a site with constant breeze where you can stay in the air all day long (top)landing just for a snack and a pee :-)
Is there, in Europe, such a place for winter training???
Talking about Spain, what particular sites do you recommend?

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I would probably go to lake atitlan in guatemala.. fly over water all year round, very very cheap... amazing landscape and always someone to get you out of the water... :) email me if interested, tomdedo@hotmail.com

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thanx for info rubio! so where in capetown is the best acro spot, altitude over water and more, pleace!!?im new in acro world and just get my first acroving,so gona throw alot rescue:) write the flyingsite in "startplaces"!
the best is if peoples how write the flying sites, put in what time in year its best to fly there:)

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hey freak!!!if you got some money,try out south africa man,thats where im from,its nice this time of year,go fly Cape town,check out those hot girls dude, and practice acro..its cheap also- good for a holliday,but not good to live in---crap money...
Anyway,,,,patiently waiting for a spanish dude to contribute to this discussion on the forum.......?

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thinking to make a travel someplace outside could europe this winter for fly acro, someone know a good acro place for flying in january-march, with good temperatures, nice altitude, ice free water, hot girls!?

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hi benny,i asked the question on the forum,,because im moving to north spain,,,but i do wonder what south spain is like during winter.....
hopefully some spanish dudes can throw in some comments for us........

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Although I've never been there (for fyling) I'd say Spain!
Every Acro Pilot I know goes to Spain for at least a few months during the winter time...

I think the flying conditions are nearly perfect all year long!