Lake Garda ( when?)


I would like to know about the Lake Garda season...

When is it good for acro gliders and when is it good for DHV1-2 pilots?

I would like to go but I should go around between 2-15 July....

Would this be a nice time to train acro and to go freeflying?

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Thanks for your helpful reply, Steffen!

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Hi Marco,
I've been there several times during the easter holidays... In my experience, the gondola only gets really busy on the weekends & public holidays. Working days were kind of ok while on one easter sunday it took us over 2h (!) from entering the building to entering the gondola ;-((

Actually, there are usually 2 queues - first one at the ticket office (which always seems a bit under-staffed...), 2nd one at the gondola itself - so having something like a week pass can speed things up quite a bit. I believe a 4 day pass is also the most economic solution at arround 100€.

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Hi! I'm thinking of going to Lake Garda during the week of Pentecost (May 19-24). Unfortunately it's school holidays in Austria and Bavaria and I fear that there might be long queues at the gondola. Does anyone have experience with going there during school holidays (pentecost, easter, ...)?

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Hey! I have been there once. This is a wonderful place, but my trip was terrible because of the weather.
So can anybody let me know whats the best season at Garda.
And if you can tell about Organia also - whats the best season.
ps and in case you have info about prices for flights and habitation let me know also :) About Garda i heard its possible to live in camping close to landing and its cheap. And what about Orgasmia?)
Thanks for your answers!

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Hmm could anyone provide a map?
Otherwise I am afraid I will get lost there..
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La Garda in september, is this a good time? Where are good places to stay/camp? General cost? Do I need a car to get there from milan and to get around or are there taxi/bus options? Any info appreciated.

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Thanks konstrong,
We were searching for a spot with a friend is we finally decide to go lake garda I'll send you an email, but I don't think we will try new stuffs and finished in the water :) anyway I'll let you know :)

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@ theo
you can fly in jannary from the mountain but there will be no boat around. and the water is really cold!
but if there are a couple of you guy willing to come i can organize a boot. email:

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Hey guys ! I was wondering if it was possible to fly in lago di garda in winter (january) ?

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Hey guys ! I was wondering if it was possible to fly in lago di garda in winter (january) ?

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Erlend bro, August is still Gerlitzen or Orgasmia ;-).
I haven't been to Garda yet but but I'm guessing late August is still pumping valley wind time in the afternoons. Big mountains, the Alps! Look at Pal's justACRO post below :
The dudes go April/May. September/October. Mid October the lift closes.

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Thanks for all the comments. What about second week in August? will this date increase the options?

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Gerlitzen with the acro family =)

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Wow, ok.. Thanks for the informative comments!

I guess Lake Garda might not be the place for us in July then..

Where in the alps should we go for a nice combination of acro and top to bottom flying in the summer months... What would you recommend ?

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I think the valley wind can get strong more often in July...For DHV 1-2 gliders the best period is April-Mai, maybe Jun andt then again September-October in my opinion...In the summer months the valley wind can pick up really quick and you'll find yourself flying backwards...the landing place is like a half football field and there are NO other proper landing options. And get ready for crazy waiting time at the cable car if you are going in high season, it can get really busy.

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July is ok.

Michael N. told me that the worst month is June. Be4 June the weather changes more often.
Propably the weather will be great but in July it could be quiet stable.

Good time for training but for freeflying the chances are 50/50. It is not easy to go cross country from Lake Garda - at least if you want to come back :D
Soaring works quiet often.

I was there 2 times - one time for a SIV. Let me know if you want more details...

Cheers, Teddy