ORGANYA Training season??

Hi everybody!

I'm currently thinking of spending some time at organya but find little information about it.

Can anybody give me some tips about the time frame when its possible to spend some time there?
bus or taxi service to the start places available from may till august??
thermal/soaring conditions good the get up with acro wings from may till august??

something like that.

What I want to say is that I do not want to make a hike&fly program every day when I decide to travel to spain :-)

greetings from Austria :-)

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Is weather good at october? I am also tandem pilot in Turkey. So i cant come at summer.

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There are some shuttle from the schools there for 4 Euro they bring you up, but there is a lot of people in the camping that are pargliding pilos and that will bring you up if you ask them. Also, going up by walking from the camping inly take 40-50 minutes, but in really hot air, by following the road going to the take-off. You can also cut in the "wood" (LOL!) but all trees spkies there, and take gloves with you if you do that! I had a bad experience cuting in these little trees: spikes in my hands during 3 days.

Organyà is a thermo-dynamic place, you can have only dynamic when the conditions are very cool, but often thermal are there and they are strong. In theory, you can fly from 12am to 10pm (when the breeze begin to when the night) theory. The most people you will met there are going to fly at 5 pm and land at 8 or 9pm.

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+1, looking forward to replies..