Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Any good for acro?

Hi all,

I'm going to Bassano, Italy for the easter and I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is a good place for acro. In other words: Should I leave my XC harness at home and bring something with two reserves? ;)

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Ok. XC it is then. This'll be the season kick off for me so I guess I'll be good just flying as much as possible. I'm planning spend a week or to in june to practice acro abroad, what's your favourite destination in Europe? Annecy?

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I heard that acro is forbidden there from other pilots when I were down there. But without thermals you shouldn't have enough high to practise acro. When there are thermals (like usually) its just so full i the air that you would risk other pilots.
You should really go somewhere else to fly acro

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Difficult to find a good place in Europe for acro in march. Luckily, the season starts back here in Norway in less then one month (tow-launch and ice cold water, but still ;)

Is it really forbidden to fly acro there? Can't find anything about it on Google: I did find some YouTube videos of people flying acro there though :P

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Maybe I know it is forbidden to fly acro in Bassano...
You better go somewhere else :-)

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You should always leave your XC harness at home, and should only fly with 2 r's!!!!!!!!!