Where are places to start in THE AMERICAS?

I'm having trouble finding where to start in the US? What are the laws about Acro?

I'll be moving to South America, so same questions apply.

ANY INFO WOULD BE A BIG HELP! My dream is to teach people how to fly.

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On the West Coast in the US, most Acro training takes place over water by way of boat tow. There are not many, if any foot launch sites were one can safely practice over water. Quick ascents by tram are not available and long drives in mountain terrian take too much time. As far as the law goes, our genvernment prefers to leave paragliding as a self regulated form of aviation. We fall under ultralight aircraft category so the main rules are to stay out of regulated air space and not fly over populated areas. As long as you do that, anything goes as far as acro. We maintain good relations with local law enforcement and everybody has a good time.