Best acro harness 2010 ?

What is it?
For belt buckles are not crawling
Convenient controls
Not heavy
To rescue parachute 2
In order to handle rescue parachute was easy to reach
What to buy the best?

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7 years later, the Acro 4 is here :-)

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As I know they are already working on the Acro 4..

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the acro 4 will be released in may 2012! it will have some little detail changes but the mainchange will be the design.

the base harness should be released in germany after a certification in may2011. till now you can only buy it toghether with a baseparachute (because of certification reasons) and the regular selling price will be 2800Euro!

thats what the boss of supair told me one month ago!

greets simon

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Also, the last proto of the Skyline Vertigo 2011 is being made, this harness features the height Carabiner adjustment and 2 rescues placed under the seat board for optimal back protection. It can be as stable as the supair or as active as the ava, the pilot can manipulate the harness-the perfect compromise. It has new light weight fabric to save weight in general and to dry quickly if you go in the water. It is built up to ava quality if not better in a new factory, all the zips and velcro bits and straps etc are perfect-no more messing around =) Photos will be posted soon.

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hi guys, i found this on a French forum, Laurent from Supair wrote this :

"salut à tous !
l'Acro 3 équipera encore une partie du team SUP'AIR acro . Certains membres du team se verront eux équipés de la nouvelle sellette BAse System .
L'acro 3 2010 à subit quelques légères modifications. L'acro 4 est prévue pour 2011. "

hello everyone!
Acro 3 teams still part of the team SUP'AIR acro. Some team members will each feature the new harness Base System.
The acro March 2010 to undergo some minor modifications. The acro 4 is scheduled for 2011.

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Want to know what developments have been made on the SupAir Acro 4 and SupAir RR Base. Sounds like the RR Base system was anticipated to be out as a serial harness by now from the previous posts. Does anyone associated with SupAir have any additional information? Any information is appreciated.

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any info about ava acro 4?

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New Ava sport acro harness? Got any information and pictures of that one?
Whats the difference from the old one?
Thanks Mike.

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.Supair RR base about €800 without base canopy.
.Skyline Vertigo 2011 model, contact your skyline dealer for prices.
.Acro-Zone G1, good back protection and design, costs about €900.
.New AvA Sport acro looks nice, about €400 to €700 depending on how you source it.
.I heard Supair might be making a acro4 with all the team pilots notes, but not sure if that's true...

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I fly for a year and am looking to buy a harness to begin training acro. Wanted some advice. Could someone help me? I thought about getting the Acro 3 but a friend was told that would not be very good to begin with.

Sorry for english!


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I'm using the G1 since a while. XXL protector ( thicker and also wider ) definitely does its job. Impact tests at showed " very healthy" values of about 16g max acceleration tested from 1.65m. The design is not based on ava acro but produced in their factory in bulgaria. 3ring release system is cool and works fine but you can still connect the carabiners to the nonquickrelease rescue suspension points if you prefer.
The acro-zoners are happy to implement any customizations ... because acroharnesses are definitely not a "one fits all" product.

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but that defeats the point of landing safe on a base canopy that has cells. besides, i hear u can pick up and old robust base for around €400, donno if thats true tho... the problem with a base harness is if you have lines around you and then you have to throw your one and only normal or rogallo.

Has anyone bought the acro zone G1 ? I heard from a dude at Air Turquoise(EN testing) that Simi made amazing back protection, like revolutionary protection, looking at the photos i think they did something new with the rescue placements giving optimal back protection, imagine a harness whereby you spank in at 5m/s and the protection is so strong you dont get hurt! They also made certain changes to the G1 with the straps and diagonals, so they took an ava acro and completely pimped it out for probably one of the best acro harnesses on the market, maybe it is as comfortable as the acro3?
Any feed back?

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Wouldn't it be also possible to use a rogallo or even apex reserve instead of a base canopy?

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Good news, RR says his harness will retail around €800 without the base canopy and you can get a canopy for cheap to put in there maybe...

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no kortel harness anymore, (comments deleted on this forum)

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€ 960 !

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hehe, google translated :

"he G1 is made of the idea arose to develop the safest Acro harness. Safety is our top priority and we have implemented this aspect uncompromising. The G1 is not simply a standard protector. We have several new innovations in the protector field introduced into the production, which were rewarded in the measurements of Alain Zoller (Air Turquoise) through best values in the tests. The protector is also thicker and wider than that of conventional harnesses. Another innovation is already integrated separation system which uses the best out of the parachute Sport 3-ring technology. This eliminates the need for quick-out rifle used by the main screen saver after a separate release. Of course, the G1 but has also "fixed" suspension, where either the wing or a controllable recovery system can be fixed.

The removable chest vest is the G1 set lower than traditional harnesses with chest vest and thus serves as an additional renal protection. Thus, the lateral support for lean and broad pilots is guaranteed, removable and thus appropriate adaptive cushion.

The Notschirmgriffe are to the left and right in the same place.

Specific customer requests are welcome. The G1 will impress you with appropriate adjustments to all pilots! "

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I like too much JUST ACRO from Sol Paragliders. I can do all the tricks easily, was developed with the help of Hernan Pitocco I think.

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I had contact with Bernhard and the Vertigo 3R is curently in production, but only the Small is available now.
For the Medium and Large delivery time is 6 weeks.

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Hey mikesm08,
I couldn' t find any information about an acro harness on kortels website... any idea when they' ll come out with this harness? Thanx

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You could also try..

.. Skyline Vertigo is coming with a new version of the 2R were Skyline they have adressed several points that pilots have been mentioning in the previous version.

* New legstrap buckles to avoid them to adjust unwantedly during manouvers.
* The leafs of the reserve-container is made bigger to completely cover the container
* The flap over the leafes/release-pin is going to be changed to not open unwanted.
* They will cover the bridle between the reserve handle and the reserve-compartment better.
* The new version will come without the bra as it is pilots wish.
* If I remember correctly they will also make a smoke-release and some other improvments as well.

I really appreciate that Skyline is taking notice of comments made by pilots seriously and is trying to improve their products. Bernhard Greindl at Skyline is eager to hear your comments wich is something I for one appreciate beeing a customer.

As for the sup-air, I haven't had the pleasure of flying it in air, only groundhandling with it, and in my opinion it is a bit too baggy..

SATisfied greetings -Mickey- :)

"In ACRO it's not the speed that kills you, but the lack of it..."

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Wow... does that mean we could use the harness for BASE jump as well??

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what´s about the WW x-pression you think? i met some people they have it and all say its very nice;)


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Cool ! an email from Raul :
" Sorry my late replay, we had really difficult moments here, with lost my brother Alex.

In the next weeks we will go for testing the first serial Harness Base System.
If everything is good, I hope the harness can be ready for selling in May, June maximum.
I still don’t know the prices, I will know soon and tell you.

Do you know something about packing a Base canopy, or Skydiving?

All the best
RR "

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Hiya Pal
Do you have an estimate price on the harness? What's your nearest guess for it at the mo?
Maybe also a guess on the release date- like in Spring, or Summer or Winter 2010?

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For safety reasons you cannot use the base canopy as the only reserve, you must have an additional pg reserve built in the harness too (rogallo or normal one, up to you) in case you fall into the lines or the canopy. The whole stuff is quite heavy, but I believe it is gonna be worth it to carry that few extra kg's..

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Hi Pal,
i recently saw this in a video. The opening speed is impressing compared to conventional rescues. I think the opening speed speaks for itself.

Are there any known disadvantages of this system?

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This is actually not public yet, but Sup'air is going to release a special edition of the Acro3 with a container in it for a BASE canopy (u could see a proto in action in one of Raul's videos). If you like your life and want to fly acro really as safe as possible than you should wait now and save some more money!
That is the best tip I can give you - as a Supair team pilot.

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I have the old AVA acro harness. I hear that the new comp acro gliders don't need as much weight shift as the old AVA acro harness have. Does the new AVA acro harness have less weight shift to meet the demand of new acro gliders?


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What is the main difference between the Sol and the sup'air acro?


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My friends and I are using the Independence Acro, which is the same as the Ava Sport I think (made by Ava for Independence). Nice and comfy, well made, buckles slip a bit but sewing on a bit of velcro cured that. Very nice price so well worth a try.
Hope that helps.

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For sure the supair is a good harness, a lot of my friend had one or are still using it. Supair is definitly worth to try it out.
Good on Supair is, that a lot of people have it, so you always get a chance to test it sooner or later. and decide for yourself if you like it or not.
Ava was only another harness. I think the Sol just acro is another harness you should give a look at.
Buying a harness without testing it is always a bad thing. But i think that is nothing new for you :)

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you are right. of course.

but i fly supair ever since. tht has a reason.
and i saied you should try it, not that it is the best :)
but then tell me you dont like it...

best regards