Octane flx

hey guys,

i have to decide between an octane flx and a sol synergy 4 (in S) as my future freestyle wing.
would you have any experiences or recommendations?
so far my experience in freestyling are Wing overs, SATs and plenty of fullstalls but nothing more!

thx + keep it up

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Wrong question and I found my answer!


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just ordered the octane:)) will send an update after my first flight in August!
thx for the advises!!
cheeers + keep it up

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Hi Terry! :)

Well, as you said... the Octane its very stable in the SAT... I had to pull the brake very hard to pass from the SAT to the Helico... even when I cut the brake lines a few cms months ago...

I like to fly with short brakes, because I can made the wing react faster and stronger when I want...this could be a solution for you... but, if you want to cut the lines a few cms, you "MUST" be sure that the lines stay long enough once you relase the brakes to let the wing fly 100%... for a VEEEEERY important reason.... if you cut the brakes to much, your hang commands shuld crash with the pulleys and in the worst case... you will not be able, or will be more dificult to get out from a Full stall... a friend of mine do that, and during a SIV curse has a really bad moment because his brakes were too short... he get into a Full stall and when he wants to recover and fly again he can´t do it until many attemps...

just be sure to dont cut the lines too much ;)

nice flights ;)

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Hey AlFatah,

How are you finding with SAT to Helico?? - i tried it but maybe i need to either take 6 wraps or go back to the gym!

Totally agree with you though - i took an apco twister which was great and took me to tumbling but i really love the Octane - for here and with the amount of training we get this wing is perfect. It also doesn't want to cravatte easy either. Thermals really well too.

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Hi men!

My experience on the Octane FLX has been great...

Right now, im starting the Helicos from stall, but already made a SAT to Helico and the transition was great...

Helicos, SAT's, Loopings, wing overs, fullstalls, dynamics, all of them great!.... my experience and many others says that is a great wing to learn nice tricks, and have a really good time fliying... By experience... I can tell you is a very safe wing...

few days ago, a friend who cant fly much enough since a while try my wing... and he told me it was great... he's going to buy one and left his old Morpheus rest in peace, because in the Octane can make a lot of stuffs but its more safe... Soo its sure that you'll made a good bussines and will enjoy this wing :)

good luck!

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Go for the octane, the most popular freestyle wing.

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Octane! Super wing, very forgiving, a great wing to start out on.