Acros Harness for someone tall (194 cm or 6'4'')

Comments and suggestions on acros harnesses that work for tall people...

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Hi!I am 195cm and I fly a Profly Acro L and I am satisfied with it!First I fly a Sup'air Acro 1 too,but I changed it,because I wanted to have a second rescue!For more information about the Profly Acro look at:

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Hi ! I'm 192 and I fly with a Sup'air Acro 1, wich only exists in M size. But I must say I feel really confortable in this harness...

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I'm about 190 and I fly an Ava Acro 2 XL. I'm quite thin, so I think even the L size would fit me. Try it, it's a very good harness!

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OK, I am 194 cm. I am looking for a acro harness. Any suggestion from other tall pilots are welcome!