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Hi all,

Could somebody tell me how "hot" is the McPara Bitch ? Is it a good first acro wing (was flying a Vulcan). How does it compare to other acro wings ?

Any comment is welcome,



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Hi Kristoffer! Just try the Twister... Then you will have more fun:)) That's for sure, I've tested Pal's for around 15 flights

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Hi Akira. I also went from a Vulcan to the Bitch. I can only say that it is the most fun I ever had! It is fast and great fun. I have it on sale :-) Mail me.

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Thanks for your comments guys ... I think I'll wait for a less demanding glider. Maybe the soft-gravity niviuk one ...

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I forgot to tell, by the first flight with the Bitch, I've made my first thumbles in my life and it worked well:)))

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Hi Akira!
I have flown this year a 22 Bitch for 5 months. It's a really dynamic glide but I think MacPara should take more time to work on it. The glider is not stable, the ears go forward and backward all the time, if you fly in a bit turbulent weather. If you stall it, you should check the canopy, if you pull it too fast the ears will touch behind you and the canopy will pulsate very hard and even if you stabilize it can shoot asymetrical forward by gently releasing the brakes. It does the helicos really well but it's not easy to lead it out, because it can shoot easily asymetrical forwards in a direction you didn't expected. The tips often collapse by leading out the manouvers, I think I was not able to handle it, but I was checking some videos where better pilots are flying with Bitch and they have the same problem. But I realy liked the glider, it was good to fly with it in Annecy, close to the rocks, I've had some big collapses but the glider opened fast and immediately. I could fly with it in weak weather as well, so it's not bad for just having fun and do nice 3-4 turn thumbles as well:))

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Hi Akira.

I've flown a large Vulcan for a couple of years and could do SATs and crude helicos when I had a go on a 22sqm Bitch. I can only compare it to the wings I've flown (no other acro gliders) but it certainly seemed more twitchy and when things inevitably went wrong (as I was trying acro manoevres before learning to fly it first) they went wrong very quickly. I would like to have had time to get used to the wing before trying acro on it.


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Örs (Dr. SAT got one), he could share his experiences with you.