RR Matirx 22 vs. Rolling 22?

What are the differences between these gliders?

I dont have a dealer in my country to try them out, but i heard that the Rolling is a great begginer glider which is very easy to learn the heli, but sadly i dont have the cash to afford one, although on the other hand, im close to being able to afford a Matrix 22 at my naked weight of 80kg, but all up on my XC gear is 110kg with ballast, pod harness, and Apco (heavy) glider, so with a non pod+ wing and other stuff, i think i would be at about 100kg, but my real question is, has anyone tried out both the gliders in the same size and tell the difference between them? Im begining basics of acro, i know how to SAT and wingover but need a glider that i can be comfortable to full stall and helico to move up.

Any other recommendations on gliders an or cheap gliders that are easy to helico on for sale would be very apprecitated.

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I have flown both, too. Actually the Rolling 22 is ideal to start acro with (there is a chart exisiting, where you already can see, which level of flying you should have at which weight).
However: The Rolling 22 is good to start acro, the Matrix is more dynamic and needs some better trained hands.
In fact: I did Infinity on Matrix 20 at a wingload of 4,25 - which actually is pretty low, either helico was no problem, BUT only if you know how to handle it. You easily can see now the power and dynamic it can offer.

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I would suggest you to start with a Rolling. Not only it is a good wing to start Acro with, moreover it works not that bad in thermals.

Greetings, Manuel

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Hi allen, i have flown both wings. Flown a Matrix 20 for about 3 months and a Rolling 22 for one year.

Matrix is far way more dynamic than rolling, and is the best wing for sat manuevers, but not that good on helis. I think this wing is for intermediate acro pilot wishing to progress on sat tricks.

Rolling is excelent for learning everything, i made huge progress with that wing, i now fly a thriller 20.

Hope this helps you.