Acro With Paramotor, problems etc.


I've been flying for just about a year now and got about 60h in the air where more then 45h is with paramotor. I don't got access to a big mountain so flying motor is my best option to go fly.

I'm doing some wingovers, loops, asym.360 right now and will attend a SIV course next week and will probably also learn SAT and Helico. I've done the entry of SAT but exited before going into it and got the timing pretty good without locking in the spiral but I pulled back out right away as I'm a bit scared of overdoing it and spin the glider and get a twist.

I've heard that twists are the biggest problems with paramotor. Is that the reason why there's so little about paramotor acro? I've only seen like loops, SAT and thumble with motor and nothing including spins. Is there any type of motor or harness that is better suited for acro?
Is there something you could do to prevent a risertwist if it's about to go that way?

btw, I fly a Nirvana Colibri.

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Fred, I know, I posted it here as soon as it was uploaded ;)

Have been looking into this for a while now and stronger arms and frame is a must, and I probably going to build my own as I'm a welder and see that as the easy part. Thinking about using the SupAir's paramotor harness as it can take 2 reservs, one on each side and it looks pretty confortable and well made.

The thing I wounder about now is moving arms or stiff arms but maybe a bit wider instead.

PXP use to be a popular model for motor acro.

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For acro with paramotor, change or reinforce arms of your paramotor ;-)

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yeah I pretty much have the same question. what paramotor should one get for acro/freestlye? I was thinking to get a light one to reduce inertia in case of a screw-up. I wouldn't want to do helico and negative stuff anyway but the dynamic maneuvers should be possible with the paramotor.
Perhaps a Miniplane Thor 100 ?