U-turn FF3 - brake line length

I reduced the brake line almost 15cm from the standard point. Brakes were too long and the wing did not turn as I wish. Now the length is perfect for wingovers, sat, asymmetric sat, looping. But few days ago I followed a Siv course where I tryed full stall. the wing were too reactive. Lots of time I felt near the glider after having released the brakes. Tryed it without half wrap on brake (as I was used to fly) and the wing was still reactive (although less than before).

I need the original lenght of the main brake line (I cannot find it on u-turn.de website line plan). Someone know it? I also need the standard position of the brake.
My FF3 is 26mq.

If someone could help me would be very kind.

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u-turn answered. 1680mm+300mm. 1680 is the standard measure for brake handle. What I have to try is to fullstall with standard length of brake and then understand if I suck or if brakes were too short.

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Could you do fullstalls with another wing or original brakes? I cannot imagine this to be a consequence of brake length: you need to control the surge ...