Info about Skyline Buzzard

Hello Acro Pilots!

Here is some general info from an email from Skyline for you all:

SKYLINE and Richard Gallon made a joint venture to produce a new generation acro glider. The aim was to make a wing that has all the promising aspects of a perfect acro glider for the new manoeuvres and the transitions. Gliders of AIRG are produced at the production place of SKYLINE, and Richard Gallon gave all his experience to create a new ACRO glider together with the SKYLINE designer Matthias Klinger. So the BUZZARD was born. Buzzard shares the innovations and nose profile of her fellow new gliders on the market.

Pilot report : "The BUZZARD boasts a rock solid nose profile with some pieces of rigifoil longer than others and very strong reinforcements. She flies with pressured brakes and with a softer feel canopy (easy in stall and vertical exits). She helicos smooth and is easy to pilot in transitions. The 17m² has performed Anti Rhythmic and Esfera very well and has had approval and great comments from some of the worlds best pilots when they saw it in Organya. The 21 and 23 gives the next generation and new comers a chance to try anything from Rhythmic sats and helico combos with freestyle safety depending on wing loading."

Buzzard comes in 17 = 17.4m² , 21 = 20.7m² and the 23= 22.6m².

Skyline currently sponsors 4 pilots :

Simon Winkler for trimming, competition and promo flying.
Daniel Naschberger for competition and promo flying.
Michael Muldoon for trimming, cosmetic design, travelling and flying promotion and photos.
and Manu Malaguita has just joined to make the 4 man team. His role will be for skyline awareness in Spain, competition and promo flying .

Simon Winkler came 4th at the acro jam on his Buzzard:
We look forward to Simon achieving more great results as he travels Europe with his Buzzard this end season.
Michael is currently in Organya learning Infinty on his Buzzard: and making a video of his season, and then off to flying and promoting in Australia and New Zealand.
Daniel has had an Injury but will be back on the scene shortly.
Manu is rocking out in Organya and will be on the competition scene in 2012, here is his video:

For any information on the Buzzard don't hesitate to contact Michael at
For a price listing on all sizes of Buzzard email direct to Bernhard at Skyline at .

General words :
"Skyline have other successful serial gliders in production and a clothes range currently being designed, the new Vertigo harness is coming soon, so keep your eyes open for Skyline equipment coming to a dealer near you!"