Impressions from Radix II

Hi guys...
For the moment I have been flying a Morpheus. Now I am changing to Radix II 19.5...
My takeoff is 85-88 kg...
Share some experience...what to expect in stalls/negatives...
Can someone compare it with thriller or nikita?

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I already got one...I was asking what to expect:)

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Sorry, but no more RR wings will be produced by nova. So might be a real problem to get one...
Se my post under "equipment"


To bad at all, we just ordered 2 wings in july...but never been delivered. No info from nova or rr acrowings...not the best impression for a manufacturer ?

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Thank you very much for the response...I am looking forward to this change, no patience to wait for the glider to arrive...
Will post some first impressions soon I hope:)

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I did some flight in Radix II 18 with 98kg take off weight, it is a nice glider!
Really nice feeling with it, it is really easy in rythmic and infinit and it is for sure one of the best feeling I had in infinity really powerfull and really stable!
It is nice in helico as well and easy for misty to heli twister etc
It is a bit tricky for the heli connexion but still possible

But it is actually really different than new gliders like Thriller, Nikita or Emilie Pro, first of all the feeling is really different, the glider brake pressure is less hard, the reaction are a bit slower, the glider is more powerfull in infinit and more stable, but it is also less easy, in connexion. And it is really hard in anti rythmics but possible!! :)