Raoul Rodrigues praises earlier THRILLER version. (?)

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Hey Guys,

It's cool to take an interest all the way up to design in Acro paragliding, after all, we are in the age of the beginning of the sport :D I feel it is ok to reveal these business dealings, to me, it's just like the Auto industry and there should be no cover-ups and lies or embarrassment to sourcing a design that works. At the end of the day, we are now lucky to have so many super cool acro wings and we should all be very grateful!! :D

So to avoid anymore embarrassing posts about glider BRANDS and DESIGNERS from justacro forum posters, here are some of my findings and interests, these could however have flaws, so if you know better, feel free to correct the list =) :

Ernst Stroble:
Creator of the U-turn G-force which lead to creation of " THE ACRO PROFILE" . Which then lead to gliders such as:
ORIGINAL SOL SUPERSONIC ( since 2005 or 2006?-> in the care of SOL pilots like Pittocco and SOL design team )
AIR'G EMILIE + EMILIE PRO ( Richard and his team also know a lot about design)
SKYLINE BUZZARD. ( the Buzzard is flying well thanks to Simon Winklers trimming work)

Ersnt is also friends with Michael Nessler. Michael Nessler and Xandi = Nikita 3. ( but I'm not sure of the origins ).

Other CURRENT(2013) designers in ACRO :
Ozone Team: Dav, Luc and Felix, have made an incredible machine with the compromise between dynamic and stall manoeuvres, this glider was built by the team alone.

Olivier Nerf: Nuviuk designer, has been making his own discoveries in design and has made some lovely freestyle and acro machines of late.

We have one of our own new breed of acro pilot who is designing to a high level.

We should never stop thinking of Ernst Stroble as the one man who took acro design to the next level, in many ways he will be etched in history in the same way as Francis Rogallo(NASA designer) is felt to be the father of free flight with the Rogallo invention in the 60s or 70's. However, like in all business, Ernst does not have a good reputation amongst all top glider brands.

People such as Raul, Felix, Hernan and a few others, have an incredible knowledge of design. More-so than you could comprehend. There are small things like little Julien designing his first acro gliders with Aircross and a few other things going on. But the days of new designers are coming to an end, you will start seeing brand collaboration now, as part of acro paragliding businesses trying to survive in a ever developing and careless consumerism world. But don't worry, this is good for you: the pilot! ;-)

Please remember there is no money in Paragliding, not in comparison to other sports or industries out there. Support your sport and show your love and passion.

Happy flying and remember, don't speculate non-sense and chat to the leading pilots in acro, they are young and old now and they know their stuff and are very cool people to learn from! :D

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You are right Theo...there are as many wings as pilots...so the most important is to have pleasure with his wing ! Designers works hard to obtain a good glider and as you says there are not so many profils (same for the planes!) and it's a long way to adjust a wing...people likes different kind of wings and it's a good thing!! But i think that it's sad to say this wing is shit, this one is the best, this one has a better glide...Try, and if you love your wing so enjoy...if you don't like try another one, but don't say it's shit please...

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Why is this conversation happening ? We all know that there is not 10 nice profils who can perform infinity as well as rythmics, anti rythmic and helico, and so we all know that we have similar profil on our wings, but every wing is not only a the canopy, pilot of brand are taking the 1st version the canopy and are changing them as well as the designer to reach their own goal to get their own “best wing” and so this a non sens to argue about same wing because maybe it had the same designer but the pilot who trimmed them were not and all the pilots who tried a nikita an emilie a thriller or even an Apco twister know that there wing a really differents and this not because of the designer but because of the test pilots who worked on it.
Don't forget that the canopy is one thing but that trimming can change your glider to make it totally different, and it is the hardiest, longest and most important part of making a glider.
So this conversation is mean less..

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Richard Gallon on Facebook:

In fact I did not want talk about but I could not let it :-)))
I was reading something on Uturn webside few days ago about Raul and Airg, but The truth is that I dont and Raul also knows anything about it.
...ahahha it is quite funny to see what people are telling around. if someone have still the text I would like give a look and published it ......I don t find it on uturn web, it looks like it disapeared.....it is true, ernst maked for me the first emilie based on thriller 2010,thank you for it, the best base...Without Ernst I could never started ...now I try to continue my filosophie , my way...the way I like...

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ha ha ha....very funny Lexou...

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Yes if you compare a thriller 2010 and the emilie 2012 only really stupid person will believe what uturn said. The Emilie is really different to the thriller .Uturn are completly jalous because of their huge shit 2k12 and they lost many many pilots, they lost 80% of customers.
most people bought Emilie, nikita or supersonic

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The Thriller X3 seems to be in short final too ;-)))