Where does the videos go after you link them?


I just made a video-post linking a youtube video to the video-section, but after I did that, it was gone. So I did it again, and later checked the links, they seem to work, but if you look in the video-section it cannot be found? Anybody have any tips? Pál maybe?

Anyway here is the link for the video, called:
A Tribute to Ove "Tiltmeister" Tillung - First Norwegian to do Infinite Tumbling

Vertical greetings -YellowMickey-

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So, now I made it really clear here:

However, it was already written on this submit page from the very beginning that "Your video will be reviewed before publishing on the site, because we want to make a collection of quality acro videos!
", but the people probably barely read it.

I also wrote there again the FTP adress where everybody could upload the original video files, to let the people download the movies to their computer.


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Thanks for the info, I got an automated mail about it as well. Maybe you could put the info that it takes some time before it will be approved on the video-section?

Vertical greetings -Luis-

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Hey, your video isn't disappeared, just needs to be approved before going public on the site! Now it's on!