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Hi there,

There are a few of these cameras on pre release in Europe (90 i am told) before the full release on the 16th and i managed to get one on loan from a UK distributor. I had a bit of a fly with one today on my local 200ft soaring site.. sorry no acro. I have uploaded the same footage to youtube and to vimeo - youtube you have to click on HQ.

With this new camera you can drop the angle from 170 degree wide angle to 120 degree angle. I have this set on 120 degree angle. There are 5 resoloution settings in total. The camera is well made, quality is good - the physical size is slightly bigger than the old standard def camera.

i started using the hero camera last year and many acro pilots have enjoyed the simplicity and the fact these cameras are waterproof!



If anyone is interested in these feel free to drop me an email...

Best regards, terry

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Hi Martin,

It is funny - someone else was talking about acro in 3D, that would be nice.

Anyway mate, this is the latest footage i have got - BTW this was with a really cheap SD card (i cant afford a decent one!). This was in the second best resoloution of 720p. To be honest i think this is the best setting for filming. I am really super impressed with this camera. Tough, affordable, waterproof, great quality..perfect for the discerning acro pilot!


Regards, terry

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These cameras look light and affordable enough to make stereoscopic 3d videos possible (by mounting two of them, side by side, each recording what you would see in the eye on that side). I'll bet a rodeo SAT would look cool in 3d.


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I want one:) Sent u a message

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Hi Lupus,

Thanks glad you like the quality!

The camera i have was a motorports one with different mountings than the hero helmet camera, but i am pretty sure it will have the same attachments as the standard hero camera. I have 3 or 4 base plates that come with the HD hero camera and if you just peel of the sticky back it will stick onto a helmet surface no problem and it is really solid. For mounting on the knee i used a skateboard knee guard, and super glued one of the base plates onto it.. really nice soloution! There also also one other strap that comes with the HD hero helmet, you can secure the camera onto your ankle with this strap.

I also found out today that if you have the original standard def camera with the casing, you can buy the camera on its own for a cheaper price.

BTW i should mention - i used a really cheap 2gb SD card to record the footage - not sure what effect that will have had on the quality!? It will take a proper 32gb SDHC card though and go pro recommend using one that is a level 4


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Here is an other video with the Go Pro HD.
This one was captured at 1280 x 960 with 30fps, which is not the maximum resolution.
If it's true, I will have my camera at the end of this month. I will put then some tests for the interested people.

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Hi Terry,

Nice quality. I will buy one in Sping. What options does it offer to attach to your knee/helmet/harness/rod/etc?