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Does someone have any videos of this wing? On the web there are only 3 videos...

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Hey, no dramas at all Gunnar. Actually this post was originally about the Sophie, so in some way I changed the subject...

In relation to your question Gunnar, I've never flown an Instinct2, but I come from flying a LC Spiruline 21.5 and thought also about getting the 21 Sophie2 but was recommended the 23 as they are quite fast wings. But if you're used to an Instinct2 21, maybe the Sophie High 21 should be alright for you. I feel I made the right decision in regards to the wing because, even though I had the experience of a smaller wing, the Sophie2 is a completely different beast. I think a 21m would've scared me quite a bit more...

Regarding my harness, I lent it the other day to a mate of mine for a whole day. After he tried it (he's got quite a bit of experience over me) we came to the conclusion that the harness is simply too big for me. So before changing the harness all together I'm going to do 2 things to it:
- Trim the sides of the seat board: I'm going to take 20mm from each side at the beginning. That should make the harness more snug on my hips and also raise the carabiners a bit, thus dampening the weightshifting and twitchiness a bit (from the specs I've been reading, one of the biggest differences in between the Wasabi2 and the Acro3 is that the Acro3 hanging points are higher than the Wasabi2).
Home made ABS: ok, here's where the fun begins! I've been reading quite a bit about the ABS system, another of the key differences in between these 2 harnesses. I've got a mate's Charly harness here, which has the ABS system, and I'm basically going to copy the design. I flew this harness with my Sophie2 and its way more dampen and way less twitchy than my Wasabi2. I'll basically sew 2 straps to the chest strap, and make them go diagonally down to where the main hanging strap is, going underneath the seat plate, just in front of the main strap. I'm not going to sew onto the main strap to not alter in any way its strength. I'll get all the sewing done professionally. I reckon it will work... I'm inclined to keep my harness because apart from these matters, its beautiful, very comfy and very good finish.

More news and photos when I get it done... :-)

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@Juan: sorry, I didn't mean to push you out of your thread. It was just a possibility to discuss a related topic.

@frank: thanks for your comment. You're flying the 21 and it's ok for thermalling ? Because I thought of going for the 23. The Instinct has a projected area of 17.2 m² and flat it's 20.9m². It's quite ok for thermalling (unless very weak conditions). I thought the Sophie 21 is maybe too demanding.... What specs does your Sophie have? I couldn't find 'em on the web, neither for the 21 nor the 23....

@Mathias: Which size do you fly and do you have specs? Recommendations when it comes to the two diffrent sizes of the Sophie? Because I have to decide which one I'm going to test...

Thank you all,

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Juan, you definitely should have some test flights with the Acro 3 in M and in L size. If you search the forums, most pilots would suggest the L size for your body mesurements. I am a little smaller at the same weight as you: The Acro 3 in L fits and gives me a very safe feeling, but it's on the bigger side. But I think it also depends on your body shape (long legs and short torso or the other way around): The harness should not reach up until under your axles.

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Hi Gunnar,

I recently changed from a overloaded Team 5 Blue XS to the Sophie High 21. My naked weight is around 70 kg. I really enjoy this wing and alos feel save. No big shooting, nice handling and I didn't have some shitty situation until now, although I am no expert on the maneuvers (doing stalls, Heli, Sat-To-Heli, Sat, Asymmetric Sat, Looping). It's quite faster than the Blue but it's still good for thermaling, except for very weak conditions.

So as I would guess the Instinct2Acro is a bit more demanding than the Blue (never flew the Instict), I think the Sophie would be a good next wing for you. I think they even plan to get it certified.


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Hi Juan,

My weight is 75kg @181cm and I'm flying the Acro 3 in M. To me it seems perfect...

@all: I've got a question, too: I think of changing my glider (Intinct2Acro) for a Sophie 23 next year.
Do you guys think that will work out or is there any bad thing about a Sophie (too tricky, bad ass...definitely nothin' when you're coming from an Instinct ?)

Thanks for your input

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HA, funny you mentioned that comparison between classic style acro harnesses and newer style acro wings cause that's EXACTLY what an experienced acro pilot told me about the Wasabi2 compared to the Acro3 and how new style acro wings don't need that much weightshifting anymore... Damn it! I'm going to have to change it then for an Acro3... It's the never ending story in this sport, trying to get the right gear... Oh well :-)
As a reference, what size Acro3 do you have? I'm 86kg and 181cm tall. The other problem I think I'm having with the Wasabi2 is that they sold me a bigger size. I'm flying an XL and I think I'm wobbling in there way too much. The L size from Acro3 seems to have the same specs as the XL from Wasabi2 so I might even go for an M in Acro3.
Thxs mate for your help!

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If you need more damping, you can always tighten the breast strap. But be careful in stalls with that!
I changed from Independence Acro (AvaSport) to the Acro 3 for that reason: On dynamic serial wings (and under Freestyles), a "classic" Acro Harness is great to steepen dynamics. But on new school acro wings, hard weightshifting seems not that important anymore. In my case anyhow, I prefer flying the sophie with the Acro 3 over the AvaSport. I even like it in thermalling.

Sorry for the late reply,


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I'm around 95kg take off weight, plus the glider I must be around the 101kg I reckon. I'm loving the wing, even though I'm still getting used to it. Stepping up from a Spiruline 21.5 to a Sophie2 was a bit step I think, even though the handling of a smaller wing like the Spiruline gave me enough experience with smaller quicker wings to start handling the Sophie2, although I they are two very very very different beasts! But my biggest problem right now is my harness. I'm finding the wasabi2 very very twitchy and sometimes putting some bad inputs on the wing as there's no dampening at all in this harness. How are you finding your acro 3? Does it absorb any bumps or mild turbulence at all? The wasabi2 doesn't. Transfers everything to you... Not entirely convinced with it...

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Did fly it in a Independence Acro (same as AVAsport) but switched to Acro 3 a few months ago. The Independence was a little bit too small for me, so it also was quite direct. But I prefer the Acro 3 anyway. What weight do you fly your Sophie? I fly the 23 at around 105Kg.

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Sweet videos man! Happy to see any more you have around. I just got my Sophie2 23 some weeks ago. Still due for an SIV hopefully in NZ in Feb 15! Beautiful wing. Loving it so far... What harness are you flying with it? I've got a SOL Wasabi2 which I find quite twitchy, but I reckon I have to get used to it...