hey Gabor, hey Pàl...hòla
im just asking myself wht 's happening to the video section on the page.!?
Pàl, you told me tht we can upload videos pretty soon, are you working on it or are you leaving the video section like it is at the moment? I really DONT want to critisize you guys, I'm just interested, my booyz.
take care broTHERs
ps. here is a little clip from the petlu crew in meduno:
on our page:

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I know what you mean...I'd make the videos available to download by using justACRO's server to host the original video files, so you could watch it online, but also download a high-res version to your computer. The problem is that for some internet surfers it is already a hard job to find out how to submit a video here, and using an FTP program might be already too "difficult"...

I already offered this free ftp access so anybody could upload the video file, or just simply add a link to the video description, where it is possible to download the movie - if hosted on another site.

Copy from another article:

"We would like to make most of the videos also available to download to your computer, however, we know that these video sharing systems normally does not support that. For this reason, justACRO provides a public, unlimited FTP access to upload the original video files in high quality.

(FTP server:, USER:, PASSWORD: videoupload)"

So, go now and upload your stuffz :)

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Why can't we download the videos anymore? I'm sure there was a download video option.. (wasn't there? or am I mistaken....).

I like to download the video, save it onto CD & watch it on my DVD player on a nice big TV screen in all its glory.

Now we've just got low res Youtube quality videos.

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Sooo, finally we started a new video section, with only a few dozen of videos at the moment but this will grow every day and now everybody can add his own movies!

Please note that this will be a moderated collection to keep up the good quality with nice movies.

We will also try to provide the possibility to download the original file to your computer, but unfortunately it is not supported by most of the video sharing sites.

Check it out:

Tomorrow I'll write something in the news about it with more details.

Test it and enjoy!


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Hi guys!

Sorry that we haven't fixed the video section yet...I know it is shity at the moment, but my web-developer took a long holiday out....
The plan is to create a nice system where anybody can add / link videos easily from other videosharing sites. Hopefully it will be ready soon.

Till then, thanks for your patience...


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Hi , we r waiting for that videos toooooooooooooooooooooooo