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Related topic of the justacro public FTP.

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nice stuff!!! nice!
seeYa next season bro

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Zerlina started when she was 3,5 years with an adult harness, now at 5,5 years exactly two years later she finally got her own harness. And with more strength she's doing much better. Forward launch, correcting, stall, and reverse launch.

She had her first tandemflight some weeks ago, and she really enjoyed it :)

Sorry but I have the idea that she prefers flying before ballet, and it's a parents job to stimulate their childrens, not? :D

Proud greetings -Mickey M-

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I have uploade a video, "Pfingst-Acro".

Flying in Austria/Bezau, doing some Asymetric SAT's, SAT's, Loop und my first and second Heli attempt. (worked not very well )

You can also watch on youtub:

maybe you like it...


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Hey Robert, very very cool video!!

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Hey Robert,

Came across your video last night on youtube. Great vid dude. :-)

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Hey pilots...

since i started flying, i tried to capture nice flying moments... in the last months i got some very good clips, learnt a little bit more in cutting videos... and tried to get a sense for a little bit art....
an thats the result of it ;o)

I hope you like it.....

Best wishes RobertPaulsen

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Hey mates,
i've uploaded a new video called duke.
Freestyle flying at Tegelberg Germany.
enjoy :)

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Hi Pal,

When are you uploading part2 of your acro tour?

Regards, wouter

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Hi Rebecca!

How are you?
Hope to see you on the first competition of the season! Don't disappoint us! :-)

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hey there,

I also have troubles to upload videos...
- because i still miss my tapes, lupus!!


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just uploaded a short infinity-tumble-video -> filename "mike_infinity.wmv"


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Hi Franky!

Have you read the FAQ under the Videos section? is not a website, it is an FTP server. You need FTP client to upload. It is like a remote computer, where you can upload files.

The easiest FTP client is in Total Commander, I always use this, but you can find others. The FTP access (login and password) can be found on the page above!




i've been having troubles uploading a video!!! The website is not working! could you explain with a little bit more details how to upload a video???
thanks a lot!!!

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Hy Pál!

I have uploaded the video now!
paraglider vs modelplane

thx charly

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Hi Charly!
Let's see! :-)

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Hy Pál!

I have a video from a crash between a paraglider and a modelplane!

It's very short!
Upload or not?

thx charly

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WOW! This will be fantastic!

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I'm going to check it!
It just takes a lot of time to download/upload anything with this connection I have now...

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Well, you'd like this one. Red Bull 2006.
Just added on the ftp

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hi this is fliegergue ( and from saltburg-austria.
i had upload a little video from the paranoia acrobatixx in zell am see - austria. please public it.
thx gü.

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It worked! thx!

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What I mean is not downloading, but actually playing them. They just won't start to play.

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Hi, I'm also having trouble downloading some files, namely the "justacro" ones. They are in .mpeg format, but for some reason my winamp and wmp miss the necessary codec. Any suggestion? If no, could you pls share the exact video file details (+camera type), so that I can start looking for a codec myself? thx!

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Without explaining the problem it's a bit difficult... :-)
So what's the matter?

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Im having some troubble loading some videos from the video gallerie, can somebody help me..?

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On the just acro server there is a public FTP access with 1 GB free webspace . It is available for everybody to upload new videos and other interesting, acro-related stuffs.

Only admins can display a new movie under the index.php?m=21 Videos so once you finished the transfer please leave a message here (or send an e-mail to included the title, the description and the name of the editor(s) of the video.
Unattended files will be removed from the server!

just acro public FTP access:

Username: justacro-upload
Password: justacro

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a message here!