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Thanks for let me know... I made a fix, hopefully it's good by now.

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Hey there!

I use several browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, each the latest version) with auto-login. However, I realized, when joining the site, everytime I click on "My Profile" I will be led to the persons' profile, which is the first at the "online-list"
Some friends do have the same problem, as well.

Maybe you can check this out :)



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Some users have reported that the Delete button is missing from the Market edit interface. Sorry, my mistake, it's back there, so you can delete your sold equipment!

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Hi Pal,

I can not access, the stuff that is in the "shop" section, ie the D-bag. It tells me "access denied" or some thing like that. Because I would be interested to get a D-bag :-)



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You should also update the starting paragliding/acro years for those among us, who started after 2008 ;-)

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Hi Mario,

Thx for your report, I already handled this issue.
We are working on a new kind of registration system where new users have to answer questions related to acrobatics paragliding. Like this no bots and other spammers will be able to get into the site and post content.

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adalbertb is spaming in the forum section
please delete all of the posts which are not related to our beautiful sport.

I hope its not a big security bug which is used for that spam attack


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Yes, now I can see my new avatar.. :)

ohh, one more little thing, which doesn't disturb me and all others too...
Now I am talking about [For sale] random ads(in right on page)...
If there is some ad with picture and if I press on PICTURE no link, then when page reload(and if internet connection is slow), then shows image with scroll bar's...
As I told, It doesn't disturb me, I'm only want inform you about it :)

Here is a little picture, with screenshot, when page reloads:

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Marnix: I think we can already see your new avatar (on board shot with an orange glider?), you need to refresh it to see it, and sometimes it takes a bit more time for the new pics to appear.

The Calendar modul is broken...we are about to start another bug-hunting and developing session with Lupus...just need to find the time... :-)

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I can't change my profile photo. I choose file to upload, and press Submit button, nothing happens. There still is my old photo(new image is in correct resolution and size). Okay, I go back and thick to delete old photo, press submit, looks my old profile photo is gone.. Then I went to edit form and choose a new profile photo, press submit... Whats happening next... After page refresh I can see my old profile photo.. :)
I think, this is bug, or maybe moon phases somehow affect me or php script in yours server :D

P.S. I use FireFox 3.5.8

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Why are not upcomeing events updated on the first page on the table on the right side of the page.

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Hi there,
for me it wasn´t possible to create an account using Opera 10.1 It kept complaining about my Name and my Email address. I had to switch to Safari to do that. It may be an Opera problem, since some sites seem to trouble it.

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Hi Pal,
It's not about a bug, just an idea...
When I'm accessing a link from the site it opens in the same browser above justacro. Maybe it would be better to open the different links (like youtube videos etc) in other browser.
Have a nice day, Zoli

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Men - use Firefox !
It's free. Not only gratis but also free/open - open source and no hidden things ;)
And updates & fixes come very quickly.

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Sorry guys. I was looking for the solution, and it seamed to be solved on my computer. I will work on this tonight, and hopefully find the solution soon!

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The problem is not only on the videos - page. When i go to on my browser (IE 6.0, also on IE7.0) an error message apears and the loading will be canceled. On mozilla Firefox it works well.

I like the new page!

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Hi Benny!

The problem was the plug-in? After installing it works fine?

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Hi Pal!

You're right :)
But I'm wondering why this error popup appears and why it's not loading anymore.
Normally I'm asked for installing the divx plugin...

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Hi Benny!

Thanks for your comment! Can I which version of the InternetExplorer you have and if you have the DivX web-player already installed on your computer (I guess not?!).
Currently there are only some embed videos linked on the Video page, just not to have it completely empty, later we will change it.
See you,

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There's a bug when I go to "Videos".
The browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer) starts loading but not completely.
After a few seconds a popup says:
"Unable to load
Process canceled"

I think it's a problem with the embeded player, but I never had this before on other websites...

btw: nice new webpage

cu, Benny

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Hi all!

Please note that the website is still intensely under construction! Every day we are publishing some new developments, changing something so you might see some functions appearing or disappearing :-)

You can really help our work by giving some reviews about how things are functioning. If you see something is not working properly, there is an error or the design is disordered/anarchic (which browser are you using, version number...?) or anything else...please don't hesitate to drop a message here!

Many thanks for your feedbacks!


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Hi there,

From now, I will help Pal, to maintain the site. I will do some coding to improve the functions. So If you find some bug, please report here, in this forum.

There is on thing you have to know!
When you make a new forum topic, you give a description. this is not the first comment of the topic. So after you created the topic, you have look for it, and make the first comment. With this, your topic will be shown at the Latest topics section!!!
I'm work to make the description the first comment, but I need some time to sort out the code :)

Till that, I ask everyone to go back, and correct their old forum topics, and give them the first comment! There is a lot in every category!