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It's there, it is Horseshoe!

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hi Pal
I'm very sorry... i cannot vote.... you forget the shrimp in your list ;o)

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aah..Infinity should have placed on the very end of the list. Like this a lot of people just click on it. If not, this year on the competitions we have to face with a really big concurence :-)

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1. Helico (36)
2. Infinity (34)
3. Wing-Over (34)

.... :) ... seems like that the infinity is as difficult as a good wingover ??!? ....

big wingovers are no problem for me but i'm not able to do an infinity .... what i'm doing wrong ???

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Man! I spent my winter making hundreds of hands-up tumblings but some pilots trained more than me, I still cannot do infinit ! Maybe I'm too slow! year, training in south America too!
Advance made a new prototype, maybe an infinit machine! I'll train a lot after my exams in May to find THE maneuvre that never stops. You'll teach it to me in Annecy and Organya. SAT KILLERS !!!

But for the moment only helicos to sat to helico to helico (My wings are quite dead! tumblings became dangerous!)...and a lot of safety briefings (beware of the "safety checking" in comps!).
Maybe we'll fly synchro with my brother Lou in acroaria and vertigo. And acrolac, paranoia, adrenalina and vertigo voss in solo. Hard program!

Let's see you (and Gabor?)at Planfait's landing for a beer.

Jah is my copilot.

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15 people in the infinity club?
drop your names please :)

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Ok, the new vote is ready!

I didn't put all the maneuvers in the list, I think it would be a bit too much. Now, let's see how many pilots in the world can do a Tumbling! :-)

Please stay correct when you leave your vote.


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Hi Cyrille! :-)

Thanks for the idea! I will do it soon.

We spend about three more weeks in Hungary, so quite soon we will meet and manage those beers in Talloire! :-)

And what are you flying now, maybe a new proto of Advance?

See ya!

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Hi Pal!

Why don't you make a vote that could show what maneuvres all pilots are able to do?
ex: "acro maneuvres I can do:
-helicos tricks
etc... "
Nobody knows how many acro pilots are living in the world, we could be surprized by the huge quantity of pilots who can make a tumbling! (especially in France ;-) )

My brother bought a 19msq glider (G-force 007 19). The lines cone is now shorter, so rytmik sats are not working!! shit, we have now to make our own proto of g-force!
But it is TOO easy for helicopters...and hands-up tumblings !
Will you be back soon to France? For a double beer in annecy !
See you guys.

May the safety briefing be with you.


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I would like to hear your ideas, what to set as the next poll. Any questions that could bring out interesting answers, results and statistics, related to our sport, especially acro flying...

All your thoughts are welcomed!