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I'll keep the Market archive on the todo list, but I have no time to do it now....

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Maybe there could be a data base with all sold items... as Kimsmile said, it would be useful for people to know the historic of the sold items...their price, quality...ect. It could be in a section appart of the Market. A llittle bit like the -old wings- not produced anymore in the gear section.

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I get your point, but if I leave all SOLD in the Market, it will be just sold items. The 3 days is fine to see what is going on... so it not just disappears, but you get the chance to see it was sold. But if more of you think it's a good idea, I can raise it to 5 or 7 days.

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Yeah, the "SOLD" badge is great while looking for gear. Thanks!

But don't remove them: Transparency about prices and number of sold items is fair and helps with fair deals. Hope you catch my point.



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I've just released a long awaited feature on justACRO.com.
From now you can mark your Market item as SOLD.

Just navigate to your item in the Market and use the "Sold" tab. Your listing will appear with a SOLD badge for 3 more days and after it's removed.

Hope you like it.

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Oh god it is hard to be on all the events, travel, work, move out from a flat and update the website at the same time...sorry for not being very up to date at the moment... There was a lot happening, but I don't really have/had the time to write about it...but it is coming slowly :-)

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We just updated the look of justacro.com a little bit. We are trying to rearrange the main page to be more informative, and this is the first step. The left and right sidebars got smaller, and the inner area is bigger. also we have bigger preview images for the videos.
If you are experiencing problems with the new look, please clear your browser cache first, before reporting a problem!
Any ideas are welcome.

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Hi everyone!

As you could experience we had some technical problems in the last days and the site was not available, but thanks to Panzer the server is running again perfectly.

Secondly I would like to apologise for the rarely coming news and updates at justacro. My summer till now was quite busy and the whole xalps story even turned it upside down, while I took only part in 1 acro competition this year, couldn`t really follow the acro scene and all the happenings.

I would like to ask some help from you guys who were there, to write reports about the latest 2 World Cups, Paranoia and Acroaria so please if you could help me out with some stories, contact me.

As the flying season will slowly turn over Lupus and me will also have more time to work on the site and make some nice developments as well!


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Dear Visitors!

In the last days you could experience that the website was offline...unfortunately our webhosting provider shoot down the site, because they say we use too much of their server recources.

In the moment we could temporarly restart the site, we need to change the provider as soon as possible. We have to search for a new server with high bandwidth internet collection to keep the site fast for everyone around the world.
Please if you have any recommendations or you personally own a server or company that provided webhosting service
, contact us!

Thank you for your understanding!

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The Video and Gallery functions are under development right now. It will be available I think in about a week! The trick videos will be published than!


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Hi Guys
Why I don't able to see video on Tricks? Is Tricks still in working? Or need a specific program to tricks video? Thanks for answer.

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Hi Ricou! :-)

No panic, we're working on it! :-)

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Hi, hi ...
Oupsss my picture continues to look like in low resolution.
However I am a pretty boy and the original picture is 300*300 pix : ) !

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Dear justACRO users!

On the new website we've changed the size of the avatar* images from 75*75 to 100*100 pixel, so that means the old pictures got resized and now they look not so nice, like low resolution.

Please upload your avatar image again (minimum 100*100 px or bigger).

Log-in and click to "My account" in the "User menu" to open your User profile. Then click to "Edit" and roll down the page a little bit, there you'll find the picture uploader. It may take a while till your new picture appeares due to caching settings and your web-browser.


*avatar: the picture you can add to your user profile and it is displayed in the forum in your comment, etc.